DeSantis Is opposing the COVID 19 vaccine Mandates Set by the Lawmakers in Florida

DeSantis Is opposing the COVID 19 vaccine Mandates Set by the Lawmakers in Florida. The uproar against vaccination is getting stronger throughout the United States. Governor Ron DeSantis has requested for a session called the “Keep Florida Free” in the legislature whose sole purpose would be to speak for stoppage of COVID 19 vaccination for employees of all sectors.

DeSantis stated that a stand would be taken against the four types of bills that have been announced for vaccination mandates. Every field worker should not be mandated to get themselves vaccinated or wear masks. It should be up to them if they want to get vaccinated or not; similarly, schools should not make masks compulsory either.

DeSantis stated that it makes sense that government wants to help people make informed decisions in life, but it does not mean that they would give strict orders that everyone has to follow at all costs. This bossing around the general public needs to stop; everyone needs to have free will of what they want to do or what they do not want to.

While some support him, there are some others who find this idea a bit off. They think that this step taken by the governor is not in support of fighting COVID 19; instead, it is against it.

Kathleen Passidomo, who is the President-Designate in the Senate, showed support to businesses and hoped that they would keep flourishing while having their freedom of choice.

Michael Grieco, who is the representative of the State Department, mentioned that this whole idea led by the DeSantis is clearly not directed to help people fight COVID and become healthy; instead, it is solely political based. Public health is being compromised because of his political motives.

Governor DeSantis was a supporter of vaccination when the vaccines were first introduced, but now he has gone against them, promoting and sponsoring cases where vaccination has caused some serious harm to people. Following his ideas, even his surgeon is ignoring the COVID prevention guidelines by not wearing a mask and is also supporting people with their decision of not getting vaccinated.

Physician Peter Hotez, a professor at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and a leading expert on the virus, calls DeSantis part of an “anti-science aggression” that is making it more difficult to combat the pandemic.

Hotez stated that since June 2021, a lot of people had lost their lives because they were not vaccinated. Had they been vaccinated, they could have survived. There is also a risk of another fifty thousand people losing theirs till the start of the next year, 2022. All of this is blamed upon the continuous misinformation that has spread throughout social media.

The state of Florida had already filed a case against Joe Biden’s administration for making the vaccines mandatory for everyone. The governor who got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine previously has still not reported back that he has gotten the booster shot or not, and if he suggests getting it or not? He is now among the anti-vaccine supporters.

DeSantis mentioned that people make a living by working hard every day, and just because of some booster shots that a lot of people do not even support, these people could lose their jobs. They could be fired from work or detained from schools. He further added that this does not make any sense because firing them or restricting them is like forcing them to do something they do not want to, something that does not even provide 100 % of their safety and protection.

In the state of Florida, till now, only the public employees have been fined for not following COVID 19 rules. At the same time, many other private employees are also required to get vaccinated, like the Walt Disney Co, which is charging fines for breaking of rules of COVID precautionary measures. Around five thousand dollars is charged by the small businesses and around fifty thousand dollars by the big businesses.

There is a hope that some people would get exempted from getting vaccinated. These include people who have some serious medical history, people who had been infected before, and people who have some religious beliefs against vaccination. These people would be given leverage of not getting vaccinated, but on the other hand, they would be required to get tested against covid periodically and use the protection against Covid infection spread.

DeSantis has intensely criticized the business that are taking away the protections for COVID liabilities in case someone does not get vaccinated. This rule is self-made, and nothing like this exists in legislation.

DeSantis has been popular before in the Commerce Chamber, but because of his new initiative of anti-vaccination support, he has lost his popularity, and none of the members of the Commerce Chamber seems to support him.

Wilson, who is the chief executive, stated that Florida sees some serious issues and the possible solution for this is that the government provides a convincing solution to the private employees so that they can work properly in a safe environment.

In Florida, The covid cases have spiked these days. While the DeSantis fights against the vaccine mandates, Florida is going under threat of surging cases. Schools are modifying their policies again to fight the rising cases of Covid 19 cases.

It is being noted that a huge population is beginning to support DeSantis on his step against the vaccination. ThIS Is bad for the Joe Biden administration as they would be soon facing some resistance against their vaccine mandate campaigns.

Wahner stated that DeSantis made a well-planned move against President Joe Biden that will help him in his political career. He has been gaining a lot of support lately with his anti-vaccine movement, and if it carries on then, he will get favored in the upcoming elections.

DeSantis has to think of a way to get the support of all the businesses who have gone against him in these few months because of his support against the vaccination mandates by several businesses.

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