COVID 19 Booster Shots Considered Safe and Allowed for Expanded Age Groups

Arkansas sees a surge in COVID 19 cases, so the health authorities have decided to allow COVID 19 Booster shots to more people. With third booster shots, they are hoping that they will be able to prevent the next COVID wave.

Pfizer and Moderna shots are available for everyone over 18 years of age, but for booster shots, there should be a wait of around six months.

Johnson and Johnson vaccines boosters are for everyone, while the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines boosters are within limitations like for people of age groups sixty-five and above, underlying health conditions, and people who are under threat because of their location.

CDC reported that the booster dose records have been very low in the United States and are around sixteen percentage points. Only two states Minnesota and Vermont, had successfully given booster doses to their citizens of age groups sixty-five and above.

Hutchinson said the reason it is slow is that they want to ensure that there is ease and understanding among the people before the booster shots are provided at a rapid pace.

Although Arkansas has already told the Joe Biden administration about this initiative of third booster doses, the federal government is still confused about whether it should let the whole country have access to booster doses or not. This is because the very least and rare side effects of the vaccines and booster shots are to be considered, too, before proceeding with any decisions.

It has to be made sure first that everyone gets a positive effect from these booster shots and that it Is safe for everyone to have them. However, Arkansas, along with two other states, has officially announced the eligibility of having the third booster dose for COVID 19.

New Mexico and Colorado have made an appeal to the federal government to allow for having booster shots of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine.

Pfizer and Moderna booster shots were made available for only people who were at high risk of getting infected, like the people who were in a high-risk setting or location. These include teachers, prisoners, shelter homes, or anywhere where the cases are surging, and a breakthrough risk is seen.

Colorado has discussed with CDC to let everyone be eligible for booster shots.

Jared Polis, who is the Governor of the state of Colorado, said that he has been exceptionally disappointed as the tangled information has been provided by the FDA and the CDC. He said that the data Is enough to consider booster shots safe, and it Is okay to use them. People should start getting the booster shots for their own safety and the Nation’s safety too.

A CDC representative didn’t react to any comments earlier. He only mentioned that the booster should be given following rules enlisted in the agreement between the CDC and FDA emergency use authorization.

Matt Bieber, who works at the Health Department in New Mexico as a spokesperson, stated that Vaccinations are safe, and people who get vaccinated stay healthy and protected than those who do not get vaccinated. There is no need to deny booster shots he told the people while he was interviewed.

In New York City as well booster shots have been allowed to let adults have booster shots. These are not mandatory but are allowed for the people who want to get booster shots of their own will.

CDC has strictly warned anyone who tries to provide vaccines off label will be subjected to high penality. There will be no more protection of pandemic liability for them, and they will be charged for the shots. Hence, these kinds of things should be avoided.

JAMA posted an overall analysis on Moderna and Pfizer, saying that these vaccines only last for a few months, and after about four months, there have been a lot of cases with severe warning signs and symptoms. Hospitalizations for COVID 19 have increased for these vaccinators.

Eighty-seven point four percentage points of effectiveness were seen in the United Kingdom through the vaccination provided to elderly of around fifty and above age groups. These people have been healthy after their booster shots, and from now onwards, the booster shots will be considered safe.

Dr. Arnold Monto said in The New England Journal of Medicine that vaccinations are not permanent and there will be a need for revaccination just like other flu-like viruses. The coronavirus has a lot of antigen variation, and because of this, the immunity against it becomes less effective after a few months.

Only Pfizer company has requested for letting the adults get the booster shots of their Pfizer vaccine. This is because of the new data that they collected, which has an efficiency of around ninety-five percentage points than the non-booster-vaccinated population.

The FDA’s counselors had recently dismissed Pfizer’s booster shots permission request for all grown-ups due to worries over the dangers of myocarditis — which is an uncommon sort of heart aggravation connected to the shots in generally people who are young and also more in males than females.

Information from Israel has been requested by the Biden organization to alleviate worries over myocarditis; The Nation was one of the first to carry out Pfizer’s third booster shots from one side of the country to the other.

“The most concerning part is if you gave everybody across the age range the booster doses then, would it cause a higher risk of having myocarditis, which was a concern after the previous dose of vaccine?” stated Dr. Peter Markswho works at the Health Resources and Services Administration.

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