By Next Year 2.2 Million Deaths to Occur in Europe

There could be more than the previous record of about two million Deaths to Occur in Europe, because of the coronavirus infection spread by the next spring season of 2022 in Europe. The death number could reach up to seven hundred thousand throughout the fifty-three countries that are under Europe, stated the World Health Organization.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Europe has seen some major concerns, and even now, it is at the top following the sequel. If the surging cases are not stopped, and a proper solution plan is not devised, then there would be another death wave from the covid reaching Europe, leaving its people in despair.

The workers in the health care departments and the age groups of above sixty, along with other weak people whose immune system is not strong enough to fight off Covid infection, are the ones under major threat right now. These people who have the least immunity and are more susceptible to the Covid 19 infection need to be prioritized over others while providing the booster doses.

Vaccination has proved to be good against the milder form of diseases and infections throughout world history, and even now, they have proved to be the best against the growing infections of the coronavirus. In Copenhagen, Denmark, the World health organization for Europe is based, and they agreed to the importance of the vaccination.

Even more than vaccination, booster shots have proved to be effective in the majority of cases. People who have gotten booster doses are less likely to be infected, and their immunity against the virus is strong. Even if they do somehow get infected, the symptoms are noticed to be so weak that no severe symptoms, organ damage, or immune system malfunctioning is seen.

The richer and well stable countries are doing way much better in dealing with the Covid 19 situation than the poor third-world countries that have minimal resources to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. These countries already have few vaccinations, and the affordability for booster doses is even less than this. The healthy international agency of the United Nations in Geneva has requested for the use of boosters so that towards the end of 2021, the doses could be provided to the poorer countries who are struggling in every way due to the covid 19 pandemic.

The spread of the virus needs to be stopped, and everything needs to be controlled in a more fashioned way. To do so, it is necessary that everyone takes responsibility to stop the COVID 19 spread upon themselves and stay woke of implementing social distancing, having proper hygiene along with wearing masks, etc. Shaking hands or being too close to people in public settings should be avoided, stated the World health organization.

The world health organization’s regional director in Europe, known as Dr. Kluge, stated that the pandemic could be brought under control through taking important and well-planned measures by the individuals of the society, health authorities, governments, perhaps all of us. We all need to keep our hopes us and work together. Even though this winter is going to be challenging for all of us but we do not have to give up. Instead, we need to be more careful and be stronger to fight it.

Serious situations are being faced by the Central Asian countries and Europe. There have been almost one point five million deaths in this region. By the end of September, the death rate was two times lower than now. Last week the reports stated that about four thousand and two hundred deaths have occurred due to the coronavirus in Europe. These death rates are increasing day by day, and very few improvements are being seen.

The three factors driving the increase are the highly transmissible delta variant of the virus, an easing of restriction.

Europe’s World health organization stated that the unvaccinated population in Europe Is a lot more than anywhere else. Along with this, the other precautions for the covid 19 are not being followed correctly either. Masks are not worn properly, and social distancing is not followed, which has altogether resulted in the worsening of the situation throughout Europe.

Now with the deadly delta variant, which is rapidly transmitted and is even more powerful than any other variant previously detected, it is important that the European government take strict action and come up with effective laws in order to stop the spread of this new variant if it is not timely controlled than Europe will see a massive outbreak of infections with a lot of deaths throughout the countries.

If we notice the current trends in the Covid 19 cases spike, it can be guessed that by next year’s spring, that is 2022 spring, there will be about two point two million deaths of the COVID 19 infected patients, stated the World health organization of Europe. In March 2022, there will be massive tension in intensive care units of all the hospitals of at least forty-nine out of the total fifty-three countries as these countries do not have enough ICUs and health staff to deal with such a massive outbreak.

A total of twenty-five countries will be seeing a lack of hospital bedding for the patients. The patients will be so many in number in Next year that the hospital facilities would turn out to be less in comparison to the cases.

By next year’s march, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the total death rate will reach about two million in number. Hence, it is necessary that precautionary measures are taken.

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