Cook With Comali Season 3 ( Starting Date, Contestants )

Cook with Comali is a reality culinary show from India.The show has gained a considerable following since its launch, and fans are eagerly expecting the upcoming season. Start Date for Cook with Comali Season 3 is also highly popular.

Many Vijay TV serials have been immensely successful among viewers. Cook with Comali, the most chaotic reality program in the category right now, has a global fan base. It’s one of the most popular Tamil reality shows, even surpassing Big Boss 4 in terms of TRP ratings.

The play has drawn a large audience, ranging from youngsters to the elderly. However, this show began as a culinary show, but because to the efforts of the cooks and comalis, it has evolved into a wonderful comedy show.

Cook With Comali Season 3
Cook With Comali Season 3

Start Date:

Cook with Comali is a Tamil comedy-cooking show that has aired for two seasons and has a large fan base. On weekends, the show will be shown on Star Vijay television. The popular CWC Show has a large family viewership thanks to the Comalis’ humor, the Contestants’ cuisine, and the hilarious tasks.

The show’s past seasons are available to stream on Disney and Hotstar, a famous OTT service. The highly anticipated third season is due to air on the program, and fans are giddy with anticipation. The Star Vijay channel has produced a promo for the third season’s premiere.

The broadcaster has still to confirm the show’s official premiere date. The channel’s launch date, as well as other show specifics, will be announced later.

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Season two of Cook with Comali ended in April of 2021After gaining a big following from across state, the show came to an end. When the entire region is under lockdown, the program aired at the perfect time.

Cook with Comali became a show that brought families together in the same room to watch. All of the comalis’ amusing components, as well as the Contestants’ creative meals, began to trend on social media. All of the Comalis and Contestants that took part in the show had a lot of success, and some even obtained movie roles as a result of it.

The show’s third season is highly anticipated by fans. The channel has yet to announce the list of contestants. However, it is claimed that several former Bigboss finalists would be appearing as cooks in CWC Season 3.

The most recent information on the cooks who will compete in the third season has recently been released on the internet. It is currently unknown who will appear in the show’s third season. As per sources, the event’s cooks will include Anthony Das, Grace Karunas, and Santosh Pratap, who has acted in film Sarpatta Parampara.

The third season’s comalis will be Mookkuthi Murugan, Qureshi, and Bharath, with Madurai Muthu and Pugazh appearing as special guests on the program from period to period.

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