Everything Know About Columbus Day 2022

Columbus Day 2022 will be a public holiday in Latin American and other countries, as well as a federal holiday in the United States, commemorating Christopher Columbus’ landing in the Americas on October 12, 1492. 

Christopher Columbus was a Genoese adventurer who became a subject of the Hispanic Monarchy in an attempt to conduct a Spanish expedition across the Atlantic Ocean in pursuit of a shortcut to the Far East, only to arrive inside the New World.

Columbus’ initial voyage to the New World took three months on the Spanish ships. The advent of Columbus and his men in the New World sparked the colonization of the continent.

The arrival of Columbus has been remembered throughout Spain and Italy as well. The arrival is known as Da de la Raza (“Day of the Race” or “Day of the People”) in several Spanish-speaking countries throughout America. Instead of commemorating Columbus’ arrival in the New World, many watchers of Da de la Raza honour Latin America’s native people and the tradition that evolved through time as their legacy merged with the Spanish explorers who succeeded Columbus. 

When is Columbus Day 2022?

If you are thinking when is Columbus Day 2022, you are at the right place! The date for Columbus Day 2022 is 11 October and it is not mandatory that it be celebrated on this same date next year; it is marked on the second Monday in October. Each year, the date of Columbus Day differs from the preceding year’s date, and this year is no exception.

The Columbus Day Controversy


Despite the fact that Columbus Day is celebrated every year, it is fraught with controversy. Columbus’ arrival in the New World signalled a new era of global adventure and growth, but the actuality of European colonialism was that it brought sickness, slavery, and slaughter to the Americas’ indigenous peoples.

Because Columbus Day festivities have typically disregarded this aspect of colonial history, this has started to alter in recent decades, with an increasing number of cities and governments declaring Indigenous Peoples’ Day alternatively.


Christopher Columbus Day has been increasingly divisive throughout the years as a result of the horrors he perpetrated against Native Americans. To many people, Christopher Columbus is regarded as a ruthless despot who struggled with navigation.


Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, New Mexico, South Dakota, and Vermont are the only states that do not observe the holiday. Although Lowa and Nevada do not recognise Columbus Day as an official holiday, they do oblige the governor to proclaim it each year.

The day is still observed in California and Texas, although it is not an official holiday, paid time off for government employees is given. Many cities across the country, however, do not observe the day and instead honour Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Who declared Columbus Day Federal Holiday?


Despite the fact that Columbus explored the Americas in 1492, it wasn’t until 1792 that any informal Columbus Day celebration was documented. Following a lynching of 11 Italian immigrants in New Orleans on the 400th anniversary, President Benjamin Harrison proclaimed Columbus Day to be a one-time public holiday. This one was part of a bigger attempt to appease Italian Americans and reduce diplomatic tensions with Italy following the lynching episode. 


Concepts such as civic limits and the necessity of patriotism were explored in these rites. Many Italian-Americans took advantage of the occasion to honour their ancestors. Mariano A. Lucca, of Buffalo, NY, created the National Columbus Day Committee in 1966, with the goal of making Columbus Day a federal holiday. Columbus Day had become a federal holiday in 1968 as a result of these initiatives.

Columbus Day 2022 Celebrations

Columbus Day 2022
Columbus Day 2022

The American public is eager for Columbus Day 2022 since they understand how important it is to everyone. Furthermore, on this day, all offices are closed and people celebrate the whole day. Many street festivals are organised for the day, and many well-known people are in charge.

On this day, scholars deliver a speech about Christopher. They provide information on Christopher and raise awareness among the younger generation.

Parades are held in several localities. In the procession, many individuals wear various outfits, and towns also hold celebrations. Residents organise parties, street fairs, and other events, and traditional dance in parties gave the holiday a boost. Columbus Day 2022 is celebrated by families with a lot of affection.

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