Capcom Arcade Stadium; The Steam Charts Hit Of This Week Outshined Because Of The Bots

Capcom Arcade Stadium is a collection of about 32 arcade games that were retro hits. These games are the games of the past released between the time period of 1984 to 2001. You can either buy packs, or you can buy individual games of your liking for 1.99 dollars each.

The Steam charts are the game stats that tell the viewers which game has been played and liked the most. These steam charts have a new, unusual member in their lists this time which is the Capcom Arcade Stadium. This game has made it to the top three on the list and is in the third position. It is the only exceptional one among all others in the top five, which are all multiplayer online games.

People who develop a strong emotional connection to their past and want to relive and enjoy the gone-by past days of their beautiful lives are usually the ones to buy the paid packs of this game. These people want to enjoy the nostalgia that these packs bring.

Although this game has gained excessive popularity, It can still not be expected to compete with really famous games like Dota, COD, and PUBG. The latest games from the year 2001 onwards are not included in this extra pack. All the games are of previous years than 2001. The Battle of Midway, which was released in the year 1943, is the only game that is provided for free when you download the emulator for the Capcom Arcade Stadium on your windows PC.

When steam updated with a free episode of Life Is Strange 2, a lot of people downloaded this game. The playtime was set to be for only about fourteen minutes on the emulator. This game is not seen to entertain the bots much. From the last few months, when there was not a feature of card trading, It was noticed that there were fifty downloads each day on the emulator. Now the Capcom Arcade Stadium has about four hundred thousand players that are seen to be checking around and playing this game.

Before the addition of this feature, Reviews were not so great, so the option of downloading this game for both human players and the bots was not available. When the card trading feature was added this month on the 11th of November, the download spiked way higher than before and turned the tables. Back in the month of May when the Capcom Arcade Stadium was initially released on the 24th, It had not been greatly reviewed, so the developers had to go through the game features once again and think of new additions to make this game more attractive to the players.

Reviewers have been very happy and excited about the addition of trading cards to the game. They expressed their satisfaction through various comments about the newly added feature. One of the reviewer comments stated, ” These trading cards are amazing! Thanks for the addition of these exceptional cards!”.

The number of users of the Capcom Arcade Stadium was previously at 63,070. On the morning of the 30th of November, there were only 20 players, and by the evening, the number spiked up to 488,791. This is a huge shift of numbers which happened because of the excessive and rapid popularity this game is gaining throughout the world. Some are saying that this increase is also because of the vast number of trading bots.

These droids, which are also called bots in the gaming world, are the ones that actually controlled the Capcom Arcade stadium reaching the steam charts top, according to Pavel Djundik, who is the developer of the SteamDB Steam database. These bots are the ones who have helped Capcom Arcade stadium jump to third place and not the human players, Stated the PCGamer noticing this unusual trend.

This new feature of Steam Trading Cards in Steam does not have to be used by Human beings only. For many of the players, it would be time-consuming and tough to sit in front of their PCs all day and try to gain these trading cards, so for their ease, the game developers came up with a solution containing bots. These bots can play on their behalf. It seems like the account is being run by humans, but in actual the account is running by the bots.

The question that emerges in our minds is ‘What is so special about these cards to gain such popularity?’ The reason behind this varies from man to man. Some people collect these to use them in the Steam Community Market, where they are worth a cent each. Although this is a small value yet, it has a big impact because each card that is sold brings back to profit and no loss. The Capcom Arcade stadium is free to use, so there are no cons, only gains. So This card trading is an essential feature as the players can trade these cards and can use these as real cash.

The players have come up with a strategy of making multiple accounts and using These bots to collect as many cards as they can. These players can, later on, sell these cards or use these to buy off their desired products from the steam market.

The reason behind the increasing Capcom Arcade Stadium fame is most likely to be bots because, in the previous trends, the number of players was very low, and the spike was sudden only on the 30th of November. This could be because of the sale as well, but it is still hard to imagine that the sale attracted such a number of players. Right now, no clear evidence is provided. The users could be actual human beings or bots.

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