During The Audition, Naomie Harris Claims That A Big Star Put His Hand Up Her Skirt

  • “What was surprising was that the casting director and director were both presents, and since he is such a huge celebrity, no one said anything.” Indicating the existence of film executives in the room, Naomie Harris has come up about being sexually attacked during an audition by a “huge star,” claiming “no one said anything.”

Given the prevalence of recorded sexual harassment in the industry, the James Bond actress, who recently reprised her role as Miss Moneypenny in No Time To Die, considers herself “very fortunate” to have only had one such incident.

Naomie told The Mail on Sunday’s You magazine about an actor who slipped his hand up her skirt when she was auditioning for a part, and she didn’t know who he was. ” No one says anything because he was – and continues to be – such a big star,” she stated. Given the prevalence of #MeToo behavior, I felt fortunate.”

“I was working on a film where a #MeToo event occurred, and there was no hesitation; (the perpetrator) was immediately terminated,” the 45-year-old actress stated. The #MeToo movement gathered pace throughout the world in 2018, as women in the entertainment industry spoke out about sexual assault and harassment.

Since the #MeToo movement began, Naomie has spoken out on how women’s power on and off-screen has altered the film industry, and she has remarked that she is “proud” to have joined the initiative by “defining her standards” and “sticking to them.”

During The Audition, Naomie Harris Claims That A Big Star Put His Hand Up Her Skirt
During The Audition, Naomie Harris Claims That A Big Star Put His Hand Up Her Skirt

Naomie was shortlisted for Golden Globes, Baftas, and Oscars for her performance in the 2016 coming-of-age movie Moonlight, in which she played witch Tia Dalma. She received an OBE in the 2017 New Year Honours. Naomie’s story follows The Crown actress Claire Foy’s denunciation of the Metropolitan Police’s treatment of Sarah Everard’s death, as well as her fury that women are supposed to defend themselves against males.

Agent Wayne Couzens orchestrated a phony arrest with his police-supplied handcuffs and warrant card to kidnap and murder the 33-year-old earlier this year. “Every single day, hundreds of women are assaulted,” Claire told the Sunday Times entertainment publication. It severely bothers me.

“How can you consider making women safer by enlisting the assistance of more law enforcement officers, whom women despise?”

“We don’t need anyone’s help.” We don’t have any at the moment. People must stop assassinating and rapping us. It’s as simple as that. It’s easy to understand. Men are men, as much as it hurts me to say it. ‘You take care of it,’ you should say. ‘How are you going to manage it?’

Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll, will be portrayed by Claire in BBC’s A Very British Scandal, which will follow Campbell and her husband, Paul Bettany’s 11th Duke of Argyll, through their high-profile divorce.

In the story, a violent Polaroid snapshot of Campbell performing a sexual act is used against her.

Yoo Jae-suk, a South Korean comedian, has tested positive for COVID-19:

The artist had previously received negative results after being tested over the weekend. COVID-19 has been detected in Yoo Jae-suk, a well-known South Korean television personality, and comedian.

According to Yonhap News Agency, Yoo’s agency Antenna said in a statement earlier today (December) that Yoo had tested positive for the coronavirus this morning. Yoo initially tested negative after being classified as a close contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case on Saturday (December 11).

However, on the morning of December 13, a second PCR test revealed that the celebrity had tested positive for COVID-19. According to Antenna, Yoo is fully immunized and had his double COVID-19 vaccine in September. In a statement, Antenna stated, “Yoo has canceled all of his plans and is taking the necessary measures in compliance with the quarantine authorities’ recommendations.

A staff member on the set of tvN’s You Quiz On The Block tested positive for COVID-19 in July, giving the comic a COVID-19 fright. After being identified as close contact at the time, Yoo was placed in self-quarantine. He resumed his usual activities after two weeks of self-quarantine.

Yoo joined Antenna earlier this year after they terminated his contract with FNC Entertainment in July. Last month, he was joined by Lovelyz member and Hangout with Yoo co-star Mijoo after leaving his longtime agency Woollim Entertainment.

During The Audition, Naomie Harris Claims That A Big Star Put His Hand Up Her Skirt
During The Audition, Naomie Harris Claims That A Big Star Put His Hand Up Her Skirt

When Be Will The Golden Globe Nominations For 2022 Announced?

The 79th Golden Globe Awards candidates were announced today, ahead of the signing ceremony in January.

As a result of the issue, the main event will not be televised by traditional broadcaster NBC until the HFPA completes its restructuring.

The program will go on, beginning today with the release of the nominees, despite a lack of broadcast time and performers who have boycotted the Golden Globes. The HFPA is off to a quick start, releasing the Golden Globe candidates for 2022 on Monday, December 13.

The Golden Globe Awards will continue their usual schedule in 2022, following a pandemic-related event in 2021. The 78th annual Golden Globe Awards were broadcast live from Beverly Hills and New York on February 28.

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey presented last year’s ceremony; however, it is currently unknown who will host the 2022 celebration.

They condemned the Hollywood Foreign Press Association after the airing of the 2021 Golden Globes for its lack of diversity and Black representation among its members.

As a result, several companies, actors, and broadcasters have withdrawn their support for the Golden Globes, causing the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to announce plans to restructure its membership over the next 18 months.

Amazon Studios and Netflix announced that they would no longer collaborate with the HFPA, NBC announced that it would not show the 2022 event on television. Tom Cruise endorsed the boycotts by giving up his three Golden Globe trophies.

On October 1, the HFPA announced the addition of 21 new members, emphasizing women and persons of color. The HFPA said on October 15 that the 79th Golden Globe Awards ceremony would take place with or without a US broadcaster.

The Golden Globes ceremony in 2022, which is traditionally a forerunner to the Academy Awards, and the candidates, are yet to be selected. According to the Los Angeles Times, several of this year’s possible nominees have been advised to decline their nominations if they want to be honored.

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