All down to a configuration alteration, deceptively

The Twitch hack is factual, it’s huge, and safety specialists are horrified at the balance of the entity: “this is as ruthless as it could perhaps be.” The leakage, which the hackers’ prerogative is only “part one,” comprises the source code of the site, unexpected assignments such as a Steam participant, and the earnings of … Read More


SolarWinds hack may have been more damaging than previously thought

The SolarWinds hackers allegedly got their hands on info on counterintelligence inquiries, the US’ rule on authorizing Russian personalities and its reply to COVID-19. The campaign was extensively exposed when it was ultimately outed late last year.  The government of the US titles the outbreak on Russia’s SVR foreign intelligence service, which disagrees with any … Read More


Apple Is Reportedly Planning to Make CarPlay More Useful

In the past few months, Apple Car rumors may have not been that much-hyped, but that doesn’t mean that Apple has given up working on its automotive desires. According to a new claim of Bloomberg report, Apple is in the initial stages of growing CarPlay to be more than just a commercial system. What’s new … Read More


Apple Makes It Easier to Find Your Missing AirPods

Apple at WWDC, recently said extended FindMy integration was upcoming for AirPods in iOS 15. Now, Apple is conveying that assurance with a firmware update that gives you more choices if you lose track of your AirPods Pro or AirPods Max. Now the FindMy network mechanism works by leveraging Bluetooth on millions of Apple devices. … Read More

Windows 11

Microsoft confirms Windows 11 is not compatible with some top VMs

Windows 11 is going to release and Microsoft has confirmed numerous compatibility problems that avert widespread third-party software from working with the cutting-edge version of its OS (operating system). In a fresh support document, the software giant has delivered further details on compatibility problems found in the virtual Box of Oracle which is known as … Read More

Ray tracing

Samsung Galaxy S22’s chipset could support ray tracing

A fresh leak proposes a Samsung Exynos chipset could get ray tracing technology, which clearly mention that the firm’s next flagship smartphone series, the Samsung Galaxy S22, expected in early 2022- could be powered by Exynos silicon with this amazing feature. Ray tracing renders usually more lively lighting and reflections in computer graphics and is … Read More

Android 12

Android 12 is here, but it shouldn’t be

No doubt the fact is Android 12 hasn’t had the smoothest of launches. It’s not only because of the late launch but now that it’s finally here it, well, is not actually. Google take a strange decision to launch Android 12 onto the AOSP (Open Source project), an open-source version of the platform used by … Read More

Windows 11

Microsoft now lets you run a Windows 11 desktop in the cloud

Microsoft recently declared that Windows 365 customers can now display cloud PCs running Windows 11, which is now the new operating system introduced by Microsoft. According to Microsoft’s fresh blog post, now the new operating system Windows 11 is supported across all could PC configurations with at least 4GB RAM and 2 vCPUs, of which … Read More

YubiKey Bio

New YubiKey Bio Series are about to become even more secure

It’s a big headache to secure your online accounts from phishing attacks. But the good news here is now it’s easier for you to secure your crucial online accounts from any kind of phishing attacks because Yubico has recently announced that its Yubikey Bio Series is now available generally. The popular Yubikey Bio Series is … Read More