Microsoft confirms Windows 11 is not compatible with some top VMs

Windows 11 is going to release and Microsoft has confirmed numerous compatibility problems that avert widespread third-party software from working with the cutting-edge version of its OS (operating system).

In a fresh support document, the software giant has delivered further details on compatibility problems found in the virtual Box of Oracle which is known as the virtual machine software, Intel’s killer and SmartByte networking software and the Vietnamese language browser Cốc Cốc.

Along with Oracle, Microsoft has created a compatibility concern among the Virtual Box and Windows 11 when Hyper-V or Windows Hypervisor is set up. As a consequence, users may be incompetent to start VMs (virtual machines) and could receive an error.

Appreciatively though, there is a workaround but it includes eliminating Hyper-V OR Windows Hypervisor from a system running Windows 11 until this subject is fixed with an update that Oracle plans to release later this month. Exaggerated users can check the firm’s growth by observing this ticket.

Windows 11

Windows 11 compatibility issues

Microsoft has also offered added specifics on compatibility issues found among some Intel Killer and SmartByte networking software Windows 11.

Devices that are running the affected software might drop UDP (User Datagram Protocol) packets under definite circumstances which produces performance and other issues for procedures based on user datagram protocols. For example, on affected devices you may find some websites may load slower and VPN services using UDP may be slower also. Microsoft is working towards resolving this issue that it plans to roll out in its security update next week in October.

Finally, Microsoft has confirmed the compatibility issues with the Cốc Cốc browser on Win 11 operating system. In some cases, the browser might be incapable to open and on some devices, this might cause other problems or you can say errors. Microsoft is exploring the issue and declares it will provide an update when they find sufficient information.

Compatibility problems are common when using a new operating system but authorizing the issues discussed above are seriously upsetting users, no doubt Microsoft is one step closer to resolve these issues soon.

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