Apple Is Reportedly Planning to Make CarPlay More Useful

In the past few months, Apple Car rumors may have not been that much-hyped, but that doesn’t mean that Apple has given up working on its automotive desires. According to a new claim of Bloomberg report, Apple is in the initial stages of growing CarPlay to be more than just a commercial system.

What’s new users will get now in CarPlay?

The main idea behind the project, called “Iron Heart” is to outspread CarPlay additions so that you can easily control more of the car’s settings, systems and sensors. That comprising things like speaker settings, seats, armrests, climate control and AC. Currently, CarPlay works only by attaching up your iPhone to your car’s display to control several kinds of stuff like music, see turn by turn navigation, and offer a hands-free way to send messages while driving.

But the thing is this extension of service would mandatory to buy-in from automakers. However, most of the reputed carmakers have comprised CarPlay since its launch in 2014, allowing more access to a car’s key systems may be more than automakers are comfy with. For instance, in iOS 14 Apple announced CarKey, which permits you to unlock a companionable car with your phone or Apple Watch. So far the one and only compatible cars are 2021 BMWs.

One problem is that this type of agreement might look uneven in Apple’s favor. It gets the opportunity to gain a huge amount of money without having to build a car itself, while auto manufacturers have to yield ground to Apple. This kind of inequity was believed to be one of the prime reasons why talks between Apple and Hyundai to build the so-called Apple Car fell apart prior to this year. Hyundai allegedly had diminutive importance in becoming Apple’s Foxconn for cars, as it would involve doing the “dirty work” while Apple gained the recompenses.


On the other hand, as Bloomberg figured out, auto manufacturers ultimately may not have a choice. In iOS 15, Apple prolonged its Wallet features to take account of digital IDs, car keys, keys for smart locks, and even provable vaccine cards. It’s the sort of all-in-one accessibility that makes misplacing your iPhone or swapping from your iPhone a massive aggravation. Which is precisely what Apple always wants. Should these features take off, car manufacturers risk pissing off customers by not playing ball.

As with other secret missions of Apple, this one may never going to happen in the future. All together, we’ve been whispering about Project Titan for god knows how many years at this point and even the most antagonistic timelines put a probable Apple Car launch in 2024.

Another reason is Apple’s car motivations recently went through a bad phase after numerous key figures in its automotive partition left the firm. The most recent was Doug Field, who taking care of the complete Apple Car project for the past three years. Field left gruffly left in September to become Ford’s chief of advanced technology officer.

So, while it looks like Apple has its highlights set on some kind of manifestation in the car world, it may be a much more delay before we see any big money going to invest in big projects from Apple. What’s your thought on it feels free to share with us under the comment section.

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