Apple Music might be coming to PS5

Now you will get a music streaming option on the PS5 since it launched in November, this is giving you the choice to listen to your preferred music when playing games.  However, shortly the console might get support for another service which is none other than Apple Music.

The firm hint came formerly this week when a Reddit user posted an image of Apple Music performing in the PS5’s music menu. This option seemingly showed up after they complete a fresh account and tried to link it with Spotify. It appears that the app did not work, though the Reddit user also shared a photo of a message which clearly said that,” This app is playable only on PS4”, which Eurogamer says is a normal error message when an app is not accessible.


What did Eurogamer say on Apple Music and PS5?

Eurogamer said that it was also verified that the Apple Music option suggests that the Reddit user and Eurogamer may have an early glance at roughly what Apple and Sony have in the works. The two big firms worked together newly on an Apple TV Plus advertising for PS5 owners, so it looks like there is a strong bonding there. Apple brought Apple Music to Samsung smart TVs last year, the presentation that it is appearing on just days before 18th October, which was Apple’s event, which would be a budding spot for Apple and Sony to declare that the app is also coming to PS5.

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