Facebook to smash records with internet cable running underneath the Atlantic

Facebook is creating groundworks for a record-breaking fresh underwater internet cable that will connect the US and Europe across the Atlantic.

The firm has an agreement with Japanese company NEC Corporation to manufacture the cable, which will include 24 fiber pairs and supply ability of 500 Tbps, approximately double the recent record which is held by Google’s Dunant cable.

No doubt this is nuclear specifically where the brand new cable will wharf and when it will be finalized, NEC says it will provide much necessary bonus capability along a way anticipated to witness a substantial uptick in traffic over the time.


Undersea internet Cables of Facebook

Since the late 1980s, submarine internet cables are in the mainstream but the technology has uplifted a lot since then. For perspective, the first-ever underwater fiber optic cable (TAT-8) had just two working fiber pairs and a maximum capacity of just 280 Mb per second.

The total number of submarine cables shot up throughout a period of speedy development in the 2000s, tracked by an intermission during which comparatively little new cable was put down, but the accessible capability was gradually shattered. Now, though, a severe rise in demand for web-based services and the volume of attached devices is impelling a fresh wave of cable creativities.

“Subsea cables connect areas and are the mainstay of the global internet,” clarified Facebook. “Our first-ever intercontinental subsea cable system will deliver 200x more internet size than the intercontinental cables of the 2000s.”

The brand new cable is one of several activated by Facebook and other members of the notorious FAANG collective. Last month, for example, Facebook declared an extension to its 2 Africa cable, which will create it the lengthiest ever deployed. The firm publicized in August that it would cooperate with Google on a fresh cable system designed to enhance network capability and flexibility in APAC.

Though it will be a while earlier anyone is competent to profit from the extra capability and redundancy afforded by these cables, which yield several years to form and unqualified, the projects will confirm internet giants can remain to deliver uninterrupted service as a superior number of internet users spend more and more time online.

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