Apple: Don’t attach iPhone to the Motorcycles!

Are you attaching your iPhone to your motorcycle or scooters? If yes! Apple gave a warning to all iPhone users not to attach iPhones to their high-power motorcycles. Now the question is why? Apple stated that if you attach your iPhone to the Motorcycle, your iPhone camera may not last long!

Why should you not attach your iPhone to the motorcycle?

In a long and well-specified title published by Apple on Friday, the company warned every iPhone user to avoid attaching their phone on mopeds, scooters, and bikes. According to Apple, the exposure of too many vibrations usually generated by high powered motorcycle engines might deeply impact the iPhone cameras”, in case you were doubting- Apple further said that attaching your iPhone to these kinds of high power vehicles can expose them to high amplitude vibrations within definite frequency ranges.  As a result, this can degrade the phone’s image optical steadiness, or OIS, and closed-loop autofocus systems over time.

iPhone to the Motorcycle

Use of autofocus and OIS in iPhone  

Usually, a close-loop autofocus system and image optical steadiness help iPhone users to take awesome pictures even in moving conditions and assist in neutralizing the effects of vibration and gravity, so it’s usually not a worthy idea to mess them up. Doing so will definitely decrease the photo and video capturing the quality of your iPhone. You will find a closed-looped autofocus system and OIS with every iPhone model, so it’s a warning to every iPhone user from Apple.

According to Apple, if you will mark, technically OIS system contains a gyroscope that helps to reduces image motion and blur.  Whenever the object moves, the camera lens moves accordingly to the angle of the gyroscope, which always confirms you are capturing a perfect and nice picture.  On the other hand, the closed-loop autofocus system normally uses onboard magnetic sensors to measure gravity and vibration effects and control the lens placement so that the compensating motion can be fixed precisely.

Apple again stated that- “The OIS and closed-loop autofocus systems in iPhone are designed properly for stability; Apple explained further that in the case with many uses electronics that includes systems like OIS, long term direct contact to high amplitude vibrations within certain frequency ranges may damage the overall performance of the systems which may reduce the image quality for videos and photos. So it’s highly recommended to evade exposing your iPhone to high amplitude vibrations.

Now many of you may be asking; we can’t carry an iPhone during motorcycle riding? The answer is yes! You can carry your iPhone but try to avoid putting it in certain high vibration frequencies places.

Apple again clarified in their support documents that usually high power and high volume motorcycle engines produce high amplitude vibrations, which are transmitted through the chassis and handlebars. It does not recommend attaching your iPhone to motorcycles with high power or high volume engines due to the high-frequency amplitude of the vibration indefinite frequency ranges that they produce.

If you are a regular user of moped or scooter, Apple recommends you use a vibration dampening mount to lessen the risk of damage to the iPhone and its closed-loop autofocus system and OIS. Again apple warned not to use apple in these kinds of vehicles on a regular basis.

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