New Android 12 features: Everything confirmed so far!

Android 12 is now hype everywhere! Android 12 has hit its next key milestone. Google has recently unconfined the fifth beta to the public, providing us access to a new build of the operating system(OS). If you are willing to try the beta version and deal with the potential bugs and performance issues, then you can install this new operating system on your Pixel 3 or newer device today.

Now at this point, Google is essentially done including new features for this new operating system, android 12.  We may expect to see a stable launch from Google in the next release confirmation, so this version of OS is fundamentally done.

If you are a new Google Pixel user, you can install Android 12 on your device now to check the user experience. This beta version is also obtainable for some selected devices from other OEMs. Suppose you lack the proper hardware or just looking for the information. In that case, we are here to provide you details information about the Android 12 features and many more related to this operating system. So keep reading this post till the end!


New Android 12 Features in Details    

Visual renovation and color extraction

Android 12

Google confirmed that the design of Android 12 would be the most significant and most impressive visual overhaul since its launch. The overhaul is a part of the next restatement of its design language, known as Material You. The whole concept of Material You is that users should get inspiration from the design.

With Android 12, the operating system will use a color abstraction protocol to boost design elements from your installed wallpaper. This means colors through the whole system will bring variation liable on your lock screen background. This will permit a relaxed and spontaneous way for your smartphone to feel matchless to you.

Along with color abstraction, there are several fresh design tweaks, animations, spacing changes, etc. we have a full capture of what to presume here.

New Android 12 Quick Tiles

Android 12

With android 12, whenever you will pull down the notification shade, you are perhaps used to seeing round icons at the top of the panel. Well, in Android 12, those round icons are disappeared. In their place, we have smooth-edged rectangles. These function likewise to preceding Quick Tiles. Now, though, they are superior and can accommodate additional information.

Definitely, an upturn rise in size means that lesser tiles can be seen at once. You will only see four tiles on your first pull of the notification shade instead of the usual six. The good thing here is you can easily change the theme of the quick tiles with the color extraction protocol.

Privacy and security enhancements

Android 12

For Android 12, Google announced new privacy features to make the data collection by apps more clear. The new tools also provide users additional granular control over application approvals to assist them better on how to manage and when to access the app’s information.

Android 12 Announces a new and improved privacy dashboard that offers users a comprehensive view of how apps usually access their info.  When you open it, you will get a summary dashboard that will show you an outline of how many applications opened in your location, camera, and microphone within the past 24 hours. Within the new Privacy Dashboard on Android 12, users can access an opinion to tweak app permission.

Scrolling screenshot support

Android 12

We have been hearing about the native scrolling screenshots for a long, but Google included this feature in its new Android 12. Google first introduced the native scrolling screenshot feature in beta 3, in which users can easily take large capture images of the current page. The process is simple like you usually would and tap the new capture more button to take the screenshot more of your screen. Later you can also edit and crop the screenshot as per your requirement.

Notification Improvement

Android 12

The notification system of Android 12 will be restructured towards the development of usability, functionality, and aesthetics. Google’s change the drawer and get controls and uplifting up transitions and animations.  In Android 12, users can directly visit the app itself by tapping the notification.

On Device search with App Search

Android 12

Now android 12 will give you the feature to on-device search with App search option. This is one kind of on-device search engine which helps you to perform searches for content inside applications even when your device is offline.

Easier Wi-Fi Sharing

Android 12

Usually, Android 11 users have to create a QR code to share the Wi-Fi connection with someone, but in Android 12, you can skip the barcode scanning and just hit the nearby button and see the QR code in the image above. Android’s nearby share feature can be used to transfer the Wi-Fi credential to whoever you want to share with. Scanning the QR code is super easy; this feature permits you to share the connection info with several people without scanning for new devices again and again.

One-handed mode

The feature seemed in the first DP a concealed item but didn’t make its official inauguration until the second P. This feature is almost the same as the one-handed mode does in iOS. First of all, you have to activate the feature with android settings then swipe down anywhere at the bottom of the display. You will find half display downwards by doing this, allowing you better to reach any buttons, icons, or other features.

Quick Tap

Now Google is going to include the quick tap feature on Android 12. The pixel phone users will get this exclusive feature first. It Lets users to catch screenshots, open the notification shade or launch the Goggle Assistance with a simple double tap on the back of the device. Now Google also permits to control the sensitivity of double taps or disable them completely if you are not comfortable with them.

Android 12 updates via Google Play

The ART, also known as Android Runtime, will be included in Project Mainline, nothing but Google’s Play system updates program. This feature will let the secure push critical updates to ART and other vital Android 12 services via Google Play.

App Hibernation

App Hibernation is another key and most useful feature you will get on Android 12. If you are sick of apps occupying storage but don’t uninstall them, the App hibernation feature can play a crucial role. With this feature, you can easily strip an unused app of its permissions and clear all the files along with the cache.  This feature will help you to keep your storage empty and clean.

Brand new Emoji  

Android 12 finally added over 389 updates to Emoji designs. Now you can see some of the best selection of infographics above. These emoji are delicate ones, frequently geared towards practicality or adding depth.

More confirmed Android 12 features.

There are many more confirmed updates are there on android 12, like Improved auto-rotate, Universal panel, Internet panel, Screenshot Markups, redesigned settings pages, rich content insertion, easy audio source selection, impressive mode tweaks, fresh wallpaper and style app, and many more.

More Features mostly for developers

Android also includes many features, especially for developers, like Compatible media transcoding, Multi-channel audio, AVIF image support, Foreground services, Restricted Netlink MAC, Toggleable chances for debugging, Optimizations to larger display devices, game mode APIs, and much more.

Final words    

No doubt Google is bringing the Android 12 which is fully loaded with many advanced features and enhanced user experience. No doubt people are going to experience many advanced thins and smooth user experience on Android 12 OS. What’s your thought on it? Let us know under the comment section.

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