Zoom free users are getting this super helpful feature at last

If you are a frequent zoom user of the free version, then this is good news for you! Recently the popular video teleconferencing software brand proclaimed that it will bring a very popular feature from the paid version of its software to all of its free users in an effort to make its platform more manageable.

While live transcription or you can say auto-generated captions was before only accessible to the firm’s paid users, the feature, which delivers automatic captioning to the firm’s paid users, the feature, which offers automatic captioning during a Zoom video call, is currently available on all free zoom meetings accounts as per the fresh blog post of Zoom official.

Auto-generated captioning is one of the most reachable features built into Zoom. The firm also offers keyboard availability, pinning or spotlighting interpreter video, screen render support and voicemail transcription to make this video conferencing platform more reachable to even more users.


Enabling auto-generated captions on free Zoom accounts

To access the feature of captioning for a personal account, the user first needs to sign into the Zoom web portal, get into the Settings option and click the Meeting tab. Under In Meeting advanced section, you can click on the Closed captioning clasp to permit or restrict it.

The video conferencing software of Zoom even permits you to use caption API tokens to incorporate with other third party closed captioning services if you have an ideal one you are previously using.

It also values nothing that the firm’s auto-generated captions are viewable in Zoom Rooms for those that have already resumed to the office.

By tallying auto-generated captions to its free plan, Zoom is creating its platform more reachable which should assist avert users from choosing to host their video calls on Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or another rival video conferencing service. What’s your view on Zoom’s free live transcription feature? Let us know under the comment section.

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