Xiaomi and Motorola could be first with Snapdragon 898 phones

No doubt all the positive signs are that the upcoming yet announced Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 is all set to be the top-end processor to beat when it comes to Android smartphones in 2022 and now, we just get to know which manufacturers might be the first to marketplace with handsets powered by the newly invented chips.

According to renowned tipster Digital Chat Station via Phandroid, both Xiaomi and Motorola are engaging it out to get their Snapdragon 898 devices out in front of buyers formerly anyone else, and these top smartphones could make an arrival before the end of the year even the sale on dates are far ahead almost a few weeks later.

That’s pretty much as anticipated for Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Mi 11 was the prime handset to introduce the Snapdragon 888 evoke but the mention of Motorola, a manufacturer better known for its economical devices, is a little more shocking.

Snapdragon 898

Snapdragon 898: What happens next?

It’s a decent gamble that the Xiaomi 12 will be the Xiaomi phone that comes booming with the Snapdragon 898 processor. We’re visualizing it to make an onset very early in 2022, or maybe exact at the end of 2021, around a year after its predecessor made its inauguration.

Motorola’s plans are more solid to work out. We’ve got several rumours about a Moto G200, but that’s anticipated to originate running the older Snapdragon 888, and while Motorola also inclines to revive its other G series phones in January each year, they’re probable to be more inexpensive, mid-range devices.

All we can actually do at this point is sit tight and see how the announcement schedule clarifies. The Samsung Galaxy S22 series is also predictable to feature the Snapdragon 898 chipset in some provinces, but the rumour is that we won’t get those phones until later on in 2022.

Snapdragon 898

Should we really care about the Snapdragon 898?

No doubt this is a big question around the approaching Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 is just how much additional performance it’s going to provide over the Snapdragon 888 and how much faster and smoother we can expect the flagship Android smartphones in terms of performance in 2022 to be as an outcome.

Top-rated leaker Ice Universe has just forwarded some unauthorised benchmarks for the Snapdragon 898 processor, signifying that we’re going to get a chipset that’s around 15% faster than the one that’s been in use this year. Take that figure with a squeeze of salt, however, as it’s probable that the silicon still needs to be improved further.

Earlier in September, we came across some leaked specs for the Snapdragon 898, pointing to a 4-nanometer process being used for the chip. That should give assurance of better presentation and an inferior power drawer than the 5-nanometer process used for the Snapdragon 888 and the Snapdragon 888 Plus.

Given Apple is struggling to make 3nm chips, and might be enforced to stick with the still-efficient 4nm options, it makes logical that the new Snapdragon will at least contest the power and performance in terms of the overall design.

Undoubtedly it’s not that much longer before the snapdragon 898 is official, because Qualcomm typically discloses its modern processors at the end of the year in December. As always, we will bring you all the key announcements just as soon as they’re made available official with a new update so keep visiting our website and never forget to share your views on this new chipset.

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