VooDooTheMenace sudden dead

A famous star on TikTok, Elizondo, made parody and response content and posted habitually, with many of his clips getting countless perspectives.

Lee Roy Elizondo was known for making entertaining and response clips. His content included joint efforts with different makers and also roasting videos. The web star chattered about men’s psychological wellness in his Short films.

VooDooTheMenace sudden dead
VooDooTheMenace sudden dead

A Dommed Message

As of late, Lee Roy Elizondo“s companions dropped the message on an online media stage that he had died and passed by the handle of VooDoo The Menace on Tik Tok.

Elizondo’s companion Joshua Watrous said, “I’m speechless and still can’t acknowledge that perhaps my closest companion growing up is gone.

Difficult to Accept the Truth

In the beginning, fans can’t accept his unexpected passing and take it as gossip, yet the message is valid.

Reason For His Death

The reason for his death was not revealed in the post but speculated news suggests that the online sensation died in Covid. All proceeds from fundraising activities will be donated to Leroy Elizondo’s mother and family.

Fund Raising

“Go Found Me” association collected the cash for his burial service costs. All the cash raised was given to his mom and his family, which has been utilized in their difficult stretches. As of now, $7,190 has been submitted and made the objective of $50,000. Many individuals are giving to him. What’s more, there is no restriction anyone provides any sum with. It doesn’t make any difference assuming it is $0.50, $1, $2, $3. Helping will be making a difference.

Alexis English Sorrow

TikTok Alexis English, who had regularly teamed up with VooDoo The Menace and had met through TikTok, said, “I’m in dismay, and my heart is broken. Many of us have recently lost our motivation, defenders, educators, and inspiration.

Police Investigating The Case:

The police have brought his case into their hands and explored the genuine reason for his passing. His companion says he was a trooper, humanitarian, jokester, and fighter. He was referred to and named as a mindful and adoring individual where he doesn’t hurt the picture of others or not spread antagonism in somebody’s life. At the point when he was not making clips on Tik Tok, he engaged his adherents; Lee has been enjoyed countless foundations where he gave advantages to individuals, youngsters, and vagrant individuals. At whatever point certain individuals need assistance, Lee’s names start things out as far as good cause, helping helpless kids, giving fundamental necessities, whatnot.

Honour paid VooDoo The Menace.

In the wake of hearing the news, fans immediately overflowed the remarks of his last transfers with messages of grieving and recognition for the maker.

“Much thanks to you for gracing us with your light and making me giggle and break new ground,” one fan composed. One more added, “Thank you for making me chuckle when I wanted it.”

He Work To Put Smile On People Faces:

On Tik Tok, he had gotten over 80,000+ adherents living in Lawton, Oklahoma. For the most part, his video is dependent on Funny things like doing some satire with arbitrary individuals, doing mimicry of others, whatnot. From his clips, individuals begin giving responses from various areas of the planet and offer something like your clips engage us; his clips invigorate our psyche, state of mind, and tranquility from our work, our entire family sitting at that point watching his clips. His short films give us a desire to engage us in our life.

Joshua Shared His Kindness and Memories

Joshua, who started the fundraising campaign, described Elizondo as kind. He missed his friend and said VooDooTheMenace looked like one.

  • A stubborn ironic man in his content,
  • He was a philanthropist who never shrank from helping people.
  • Leroy loved Elizondo and was very concerned about his loved ones.
  • He cared deeply for his family, his soldiers while serving in the army, and everyone who came his way.
  • He always helped those in need quickly and spent much of his free time doing what we call charity, but he did what he called a helping hand.
  • Leroy would have been carrying a shirt to help those in need. “
  • He was a very soft-hearted, friendly person.

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