Tips for writing your resume effectively

How to present an attractive and effective resume, highlighting your training, but also your personality? Discover our tips for writing your resume effectively!

When looking for a job, it is essential to take care of the content and presentation of your resume. The latter reflects the first image that the recruiter has of you and increases the chances of receiving an interview. However, it is not always easy to summarize the data you want to present and highlight it.

In this article, we will give you some tips to improve this exercise. More information on the way.

Attract the Eyes

It is necessary to be impactful to awaken in the “recruiter” the desire to know your profile and to differentiate you from other candidates. The presentation should be airy, clear and your style short and concise to get to the point. Your updated resume should have a maximum of 2 pages, to establish a balance between sobriety and originality. The resume can be a little more advanced depending on your area of ​​expertise. Finally, be sure to choose the font size and typography to make everything homogeneous and pleasant to read.

Organize your Trajectory

You will have to expose your experience, knowledge, and skills, as well as information about yourself. To do this, prioritize all this data into 5 categories:

  1. Your marital status, including your contact details and your age, should be in the upper left corner;
  2. Your professional experience, where you must develop your missions, even if it is an internship or period of work and study. You can select to sort them from oldest to newest, newest to oldest, or even by theme, which can be smart if you’ve had a period of inactivity.
  3. Your education, which includes your degree, year, and place of graduation. If you are a recent graduate, it is advisable to place this category before work experience, detailing the courses taken to support the skills acquired. Click here for more information.
  4. Your skills in foreign languages. It is also the place to highlight your technical skills that prove your experience. Do not hesitate to use technical language if you meet the criteria for the intended position;
  5. Your additional information or hobbies. This section should not be neglected, as it can be of great value to the recruiter who will have the opportunity to know a little more about you.

Show Motivation and Application

Don’t expect to seduce a recruiter by sending a standard resume and cover letter. It is very important to customize your profile. It is up to you to inform yourself in advance about the company and the position, to show your interest in the structure, and gain relevance. Also, be careful to stay realistic and not make up or exaggerate certain experiences! If the recruiter discovers the mistake, all of his abilities will be called into question. Finally, take the time to read your resume carefully to catch any spelling or grammatical errors. Spelling errors are indeed frowned upon by recruiters.

Let Yourself Shine – Especially with Digital

Have you thought about the new tools that exist? Between social networks, resume libraries, job boards, and video resumes, you now have a wide range of opportunities to stand out and impress with your presentation. So it is in your best interest to master these tools to get a powerful profile!

By following these tips, your resume will certainly stand out among the rest and will certainly greatly increase your chances of being called for an interview and being recruited. See your resume as a professional self-portrait, so you can’t neglect this image, which is crucial for your professional career and will certainly impact many other areas of your life.

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