A Time Capsule Underneath A Lee Statue Uncovers More Secrets

Curators went through hours cautiously getting into the holder, which had been concealed underneath a landmark to the Confederate general Robert E. Lee.

The Statue:

  • The time capsule was first rescued the previous week by historians
  • Found on Wednesday in a time capsule
  • A rust-shaded 1875 chronicle
  • A Fabric envelope with a silver coin
  • Pedestal underneath of about 40-foot-tall or 12-meter-tall
  • It was concealed underneath a transcending sculpture of Confederate Robert E. Lee in Virginia for over 130 years.
  • one of the things found in the container was a photograph of a stonemason
  • The Dallas Southern Memorial Association raised the sculpture to reassert the goals Lee addressed to the Lost Cause: honor, decency, gentlemanliness, Southern pride, supremacy, and strength

Historical Records of the Time Capsule

The flooded item was fascinating, but it wasn’t what many expected after a government restorer carefully opened the time capsule and spent five hours. Even the mortar-studded lead box was a little surprised.

Historical records have led many to think that the capsule contains dozens of objects related to the Union and a photo of the late President Abraham Lincoln. However, in just a few minutes the content became clear and there were few items.

A Time Capsule Underneath A Lee Statue Uncovers More Secrets
A Time Capsule Underneath A Lee Statue Uncovers More Secrets

A Second-time capsule

Devon Henry, the project worker who brought down the Lee sculpture and is proceeding to deal with the expulsion of the platform in Richmond, said there could be a subsequent time case that is yet to be found.

“I’m pretty much as captivated as everybody,” he said as conservators attempted to open the container. “It was a huge help to track down it. Furthermore, we want to check whether it’s the thing we are searching for.”

The day later, the Lee sculpture was taken out in September; workgroups went through over 12 hours looking for the time container in the foundation of the 40-foot-tall (12-meter-tall) platform yet couldn’t find it.

Expected Results

Henry told that his group is as yet being extra cautious given that the holder opened Wednesday doesn’t match the portrayal of the time container they were anticipating.

Recovering the Time Capsule

The time capsule was first recuperated last week by students of history, who had neglected to think that it was in September when the sculpture was brought down. They planned throughout the end of the week concerning how to gently recuperate the compartment from the 1,500-pound square of rock that it was settled in.


The expulsion interaction was finished with an X-ray scan and cautious chipping with power saws and wedges.

What’s Beneath This Statue?

In any case, the time capsule was not the desired one portrayed in news accounts from 1887, a case allegedly positioned underneath a similar sculpture and reputed to contain an uncommon photograph of Abraham Lincoln in his final resting place, Ms. Langan said.

That time case was accepted to be a copper box estimating 14-by-14-by-8 inches, more prominent than the lead box pulled from the platform last week. Other than there being far less items, the case eliminated Friday estimated 4-by-8-by-11.5 inches.


The Lee sculpture was one of five Confederate honors along Richmond’s Monument Avenue and the one in particular that had a place with the state. The four city-claimed sculptures were brought down in 2020; however, the Lee sculpture expulsion was obstructed by two claims until a decision from the Supreme Court of Virginia in September made room for it to be destroyed.

After Floyd’s assassination in 2020, Lee’s sculpture became a convergence point in the development of Richmond’s racial justice. From that point on, the platform was interested in using spray paint, some of which were mundane, and many blamed the police. Several activists have seen it remain as a deviant craft.

A Puzzle Regarding the Capsule

The time container they had expected to find may have been taken out sooner or later without record, taken or never introduced, Ms. Langan said.

“I think certain individuals are possibly somewhat disillusioned; however, it appears to be that a great many people are exceptionally connected with and charmed at this point container and considering, ‘What’s the significance here? What does it imply?'” she said. “It’s a riddle.”

A Picture Of A Stonemason

Ms. Langan said that one of the things found in the container was a picture of a stonemason. The response may be that some laborers got together and secretly put a few of their keepsakes in the sculpture for any family down the line.


The City Council of Charlottesville decided on Tuesday to give a sculpture of Robert E. Lee to an African American legacy community that intends to liquefy the bronze landmark, the focal point of a destructive white patriot rally in 2017 into material for another piece of public workmanship.

The 4-0 vote by the chamber followed long periods of discussion over the destiny of the sculpture. Four years prior, an arrangement to eliminate the sculpture drew scores of white patriots to Charlottesville for a “Join the Right” rally that prompted brutality, including killing a counterprotester by an Ohio man who furrowed a vehicle into a group.

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