Travel From South Asia And Other Countries With The New COVID Variant Has Been Banned

For the first time, The New COVID Variant was detected in South Africa, and it was rapidly reported to the health communities globally. Now that enough awareness has been made and enough information regarding it has been collected, then the countries are starting to put bans on any travel from South Africa. This new strain is harmful and much more dangerous than any other strain; hence it is important that the bans are made globally to prevent its spread.

All the measures that have been taken till now and all the efforts made till now to control the COVID 19 spread could all go to waste if this new variant spreads, stated Debora Patta, who is the correspondent of CBS News.

Two years ago, this crisis started to begin throughout the world, and since then, the virus has evolved and mutated rapidly. Now with this new strain which has far more mutations than the previous strains, is much more deadly.

Professor Salim Abdool Karim, who is an expert in public health, stated that the biggest concern right now is that this new variant could be more resistant or more transmissible than any other.

CBS News was told by him that if this new variant turns out to be more transmissible and more deadly than the delta variant, then it would be hard to control its spread, and in no time, it will be spread across the world, causing way more harm than the delta variant.

There are still a few weeks left for the results of the testing to come out by Pfizer and BioNTech and even the South African scientists who are spending day and night working on it.

It is possible that the other variants exist too, or a similar variant exists in other countries as well, but these countries have no idea yet. CBS News reported that these countries detected the virus early on and reported it, but many countries are pulling back on COVID 19 testing and precautionary measures, so it will not be fair to accept that new variants do not exist in any other country.

In order for the virus to get stronger and more powerful, it has to locate itself in a human host. While it finds new hosts, it figures out new mutated versions that could help it fight against human immunity. Hence, this matter is global. If countries do not help each other and stand together to fight it, the COVID 19 will prove to be harmful to everyone.

The need for effective treatments and vaccination is for everyone. The countries which have found ways to fight against COVID need to help other countries too by providing their treatments and vaccines, or else the virus will keep mutating through new hosts and result in a stronger mutation at the end, which would be hard to fight.

Till now vaccinated population in African continents is even less than seven percentage points. Other Countries need to help and provide treatments and vaccination there in order to stop COVID 19 from mutating.

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