The New Apple 7 Series Watch is Here!

After so many discussions and questions regarding the delay of the new generation Apple 7 Series watch due to production issues for so long, finally, Apple’s next-generation advanced and flagship smartwatch is right here. The Series 7 has been redesigned attractively since the launch of Apple’s first even smartwatch in 2015.

Apple 7 Series watch

The overall design of the Apple 7 series Watch

If you remember the rumors of the Apple 7 Series watch, you can easily recognize that all the rumors were true. The Series 7 flagship watch of Apple is bigger than the size from its previous launch.  You will get two case sizes like 41mm and 45 mm; here, this new smartwatch comes with small bezels and provides almost 20% more screen area than Series 6, where you can easily use the full QWERTY keyboard the watch. Apple confirmed that the bezels are now 40% thinner at 1.7 mm and almost 70% brighter.

As the screens are comparably big to the previously launched Series 6 watches, now users can easily read more notifications on their watch. While many Rumors said the display would feature flat edges, but there is nothing like this in this smartwatch.  The edges are still rounded and now much durable. Apple says the Series 7 watch comes with a crack resistance display which makes this watch durable, and the display is IP6X certified.

Apple launched five new colors for the new Apple 7 series watch when it comes to colors. Along with blue and red, this time, users can get the chance to purchase different unique colors of the Apple 7 Series watch like Midnight, starlight, and green.

Before the event, many people were worried about whether the previous Apple watch band would work on the new Apple 7 Series watch or not because it is bigger in size. So the confirmation is you can use those bands on the new Apple 7 Series watch.

Apple 7 Series watch

Powerful chip and battery backup of Apple 7 Series watch  

Apple 7 Series watch comes with a new and powerful S7 chip but doesn’t make any huge change or improvement in terms of the new sensors, but this time apple watch users getting better battery life. According to Apple, the estimated battery backup of a 7 series watch will be around 18 hours; the best thing is now you can get almost 8 hours’ backup by charging the new Apple 7 series watch in just 8 minutes which is amazing! Now there is no such new generation smartwatch that does such fast charging and long battery backup. You can charge the watch with the new architecture and with the new magnetic fast charger USB-C Cable.

More about the features of the Apple 7 watch

When it comes to feature, the series 7 will deliver to users with watch OS 8, which will be amazing. This time you can get more watch faces along with portrait watch face.

For bikers who love to use the Apple Watch, this is good news for you from Apple; Now, the watch OS 8 will also add fall detection for outdoor cycling and auto-tracking. Now Apple also included the calorie-born algorithm, which will give you exact data for a ride an e-bike. The new voice feedback feature always announces the workout milestones from its speaker or Bluetooth headphones.  Fitness+ is another interesting subscription feature that can keep you motivated towards fitness. This platform will inspire you to watch yoga, fitness training, and meditation videos on several programs. The Share Play feature also helps to connect almost 32 people to join for a workout session.

Apple 7 Series watch

Price of Apple watch series 7

As Apple has not revised the price, the Series 3 is still $199, SE is $279, and the 7 Series starts from only $399. If you want to purchase a budget Apple smartwatch, the SE series is still a good choice.

Now you can Pre Order the Apple 7 series from today, but no doubt this year,  because of the chip shortage, you may not get the delivery of the Apple series 7 may be delayed. Till now, Apple did not confirm the shipping of its new Apple 7 Series watch.  

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