The Cutest Games For Animal Lovers

Being an animal lover is a state of mind, those cute cuddly critters take up all our spare time. Whether we’re daydreaming about them, watching daft cat videos on YouTube, or for some of us, playing games that put them right in the center. If you’re getting a little bored of your current collection of animal games, then we’ve got some new suggestions right here. Some of them are super quick to play and you can get started on immediately, some require a little figuring out and they’re all available on a variety of platforms too. So, if you’re after a quick burst of animal-induced oxytocin then these are the titles for you.


Amazonia 3D

Amazonia 3D takes you into the heart of the jungle

If you love wild animals more than any others then Amazonia 3D is one of the best slots online games to choose. This game puts the cute and colorful animals of the Amazon rainforest at the very center of the story. The background to the slot is dense jungle, with trailing vines, thick waxy leaves and most importantly, some friendly rainforest birds who are going to help you on your journey. From time to time, you’ll unlock bonus rounds and the background will change to reveal beautiful blossoms and a cheeky monkey. We won’t ruin what the mini game is for you, but suffice it to say, both you and the monkey will find it great fun.

The reels take up the main part of the screen and are filled with all kinds of fascinating animals and flowers. Every time you spin the reels you’ll get a new selection of colorful orchids, beautiful birds and pretty lizards. This game is perfect for anyone who wants a game that they can have up and running in seconds, as well as those with a love of animals that live in the jungle.

Pokémon Go

If you grew up with the original Pokémon games then you’ll absolutely love Pokémon Go. This game takes all of the fascinating creatures of the Pokémon games and puts them in a whole new world, your one. You’re encouraged to get out and about exploring your neighborhood in the hopes that you’ll bump into some Pokémon. Once you do find one, the screen will reveal the creature that you’ve found and it’s up to you to try and lure it towards you with bait, or weaken it with rocks.

When the Pokémon is weak enough to catch you can throw a ball at it and add it to your collection. Some Pokémon Go players like to collect as many Pokémon as possible in order to complete the Pokedex, whilst others prefer to battle their Pokemon at gyms to see who is the strongest. Whichever camp you fit into, there’s one thing we can all agree on, aren’t some of those Pokémon absolutely adorable?!


If you love a game with a kind of retro feel and a totally whacky premise then you’ll probably like this goldfish gobbling game. You begin the game with two cute little guppies. You’ll need to feed them up until they get big enough to start pooping out silver and eventually gold coins. As they grow and you collect the coins, you’ll be able to buy more guppies and do the same. So far, so kind of normal. However, from time to time, your tank is going to be visited by aliens, the kind that really like gobbling up fish.

You need to use your rocket launcher to fire at the aliens and protect your guppies at all costs. As you progress through the levels you’ll be able to buy different kinds of fish, more powerful rocket launchers and even pets to keep in your tank. This is a totally silly game, but a great fun one that’s available to buy for just a few dollars to play on PC.

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