The best moveset for Cresselia in Pokemon GO

Good News for all Pokémon Go trainers is that the Legendary Pokémon Cresselia has come back to Raid battles, which makes it an additional phenomenal Legendary to add to any team.

Cresselia is one of quite a few Generations IV Pokémon that have been included newly. Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are short to the announcement, so there’s lots of nostalgia for the Sinnoh region going everywhere. It also so occurs that Cresselia is one of the best tanks in the Ultra League meta, so trainers should be reinvigorated to attempt and catch one.

Which moves should this Legendary Pokemon from Sinnoh be using?

Cresselia has two rapid moves that are extremely good, it practically doesn’t matter which one it uses. Misperception is hard beating, but sluggish. Psycho Cut, on the other hand, is mutually weaker and quicker.

While Cresselia’s Defense and Stamina are exceptional (258 and 260 individually), its Attack is not as remarkable (152). For this cause, Misperception is somewhat less beneficial. Cresselia can’t farm enemies down with this move.

When it comes to damage, Cresselia will need its charge moves, which makes the energy group more appreciated. Due to its high speed, Psycho Cut charges 13.5 EPS, which prepares it a to some extent improved move for the Pocket Monster.


Charge move choice is where things get exciting for Cresselia. Despite being a Psychic-type, it can still work nicely deprived of a Psychic charge move.

One move that Cresselia certainly should be successful is Moonblast. Even though charging 70 vitalities in PvP is a lot to request, Moonblast is so influential that it will get damage off, even in spite of Cresselia’s low Attack stat. As a Fairy-type move, it can also assist Cresselia to take down some Dark-types.

As an inheritance move, it will price trainers a charge T M. With Grass Knot. Though, Cresselia gets an influential move with an energy charge of only 50. Cresselia will get to habit this move much more frequently, and it gives it robust match-ups compared to coercions like Swampert and Regirock.

As a trainer what is your point of view on this newly added Cresselia Pokémon? Feels free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section and keep visiting our site for further updates Thanks.

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