T-Mobile Delays Shutdown of Sprint’s 3G Network and Throws Shade at Partners

T-Mobile is postponing its scheduled January closure of Sprint’s legacy 3G network, or CDMA network because it claims some of its associates haven’t tracked through on their accountability to changeover their customers to new networks.

In a fresh inert forceful news release, marked by reputed new portal the Verge, T-Mobile said it was moving up on behalf of associates who hadn’t transferred former Sprint CDMA customers over to new networks yet and giving them three extra months to do so, pushing back the closure of the 3 G network from 1ST January to 31st March 2022. T-Mobile Combined with Sprint last year and had to sell off some of Sprint’s pre-paid wireless business as part of the contract.

Closing down Sprint’s legacy 3G network, as well as its LET network next June, is part of T-Mobile’s exertion to highlight the growth of its 4G and 5G services.

There should be no more scope of excuses, T-Mobile stated in its Friday update. We have delivered even excessive time and those associates can now monitor suit with the exertion that is wanted to guarantee no one is left on the wrong side of the digital divide.



T-Mobile associates with DISH?  

Though it doesn’t identify any associates, it’s extremely likely that T-Mobile is throwing shade at DISH Network, which has referred to T-Mobile as the Grinch. T-Mobile traded Boost Mobile Sprint’s pre-paid MVNO that servers almost 9 million customers to DISH Network to get its union sanctioned.

Both firms have been aggressive fighting and in public over the relocation deadline over the past few months. On one side, you have T-Mobile, which told Dish in 2020 that it would be disassembling the 3G network in 2022. The move came as disclosure to DISH, as the firm understood that shutdown was several years away. T-Mobile upholds that the firm has had adequate time to migrate.

On the other hand, you have DISH, which understands the action of anti-commutative. It also mentioned that it’s a predominantly tough time to attempt to get new phones to Increase Mobile customers in light of the global chip deficiency.

An obligatory migration of this measure under this quick time frame is basically not believable and will dispensation hypothetically millions of Boost subscribers disenfranchised and without cell service 1 January 2022, DISH stated in a letter to the Federal Communications Commission in April.  Once T-Mobile shuts close the 3G network, Boost Mobile customers with the older phones still on that network will no longer have access to cell service.

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