Super Bowl 2023 News

With the 2022 NFL regular season now well underway, the hype surrounding the impending trip to State Farm Stadium for Super Bowl LVII has already been amongst the various headlines throughout the early few months of the NFL season which has included full confirmations as to who will be performing during the half-time show.

The NFL regular season has entered its early few weeks of operation, and as such, fans of the popular sporting league have already been treated to a plethora of intense and widely entertaining action-packed encounters featuring some of the game’s most elite names.

There has already been a number of teams that have shocked fans with their impressive play throughout the early stages of the season, mainly the Philadelphia Eagles, Miami Dolphins and New York Giants, as well as other sides such as the Las Vegas Raiders, New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints that have displayed several underwhelming performances.

With the season still in the early few stages, there is plenty of time available for more teams to emerge as perennial play-off contenders as well as other shocking conclusions that could see certain renowned franchises miss out on a spot in the NFL post season.

The greatest prize available remains to be a spot at the Super Bowl LVII game that has established many star names as hall of fame worthy candidates as lifting the prestigious Vince Lombardi trophy is arguably one of the greatest honors that is present throughout any sport.

While there is still many months of wait before the Super Bowl game, the overall hype and attention directed towards the event is still palpable amongst NFL fans, especially given some of the latest headlines affiliated with he game itself and the various means of entertainment that will be on display.

Which teams are the biggest contenders to appear at Super Bowl LVII?

The event is always hosted in a neutral venue that the league will schedule year’s prior, allowing an even allocation of fans from both teams to attend the game.

Last season’s Super Bowl game saw the LA Rams defeat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 to win the franchise’s second Super Bowl after their previous winning back in 1999 with the Rams ranked at +1600 to complete a two-beat in the latest NFL odds.

The only teams that are ranked ahead of the Rams according to the outright odds are the Buffalo Bills (+450), Kansas City Chiefs (+700), Green Bay Packers (+1000) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+1100) and even more recently the Philadelphia Eagles at +700 thanks in large part to their undefeated start to the season.

There are a number of other dark horse contender listings of teams that could make a run for an appearance at the Super Bowl game later this season with the San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens all looking to remain in the running for a potential spot on the plane for Super Bowl LVII.

Super Bowl LVII’s venue and halftime show:

After the success that last season’s Super Bowl game brought to the NFL and the city of Los Angeles, with the Rams winning the title in their own hosting SoFi Stadium, this season’s game will be heading out to the desert of Arizona where the near 75,000 seater State Farm Stadium will be hosting this year’s event.

This stadium is home to the Arizona Cardinals NFL franchise and has been the home to the Cards since 2006, serving as a respected venue for all things football related, marking this as a tremendous setting for the coveted Super Bowl game.

The stadium has always had superb ties with the sport of football given its history housing Super Bowl XLIX and the Fiesta Bowl.

It was also temporarily the home of another NFL franchise, the San Francisco 49ers during the convoluted 2020 season as well as being the destination of other popular sporting events such as WrestleMania 26 back in 2010.

The facilities and services provided here are nothing short of state-of-the-art, with the stadium also featuring a retractable roof that has remained a staple of the stadium’s architecture throughout its many renovations.

It certainly will be a momentous occasion to catch a glimpse of State Farm Stadium during the build-up to Super Bowl weekend before it becomes crowded with some of the biggest names in all of sports and those of great celebrity status.

Without question the biggest news regarding the 2023 Super Bowl game is the announcement that world renowned pop star Rihanna will be performing for the half-time show despite the earlier rumors that fellow pop star Taylor Swift was also scheduled to be the main act.

Last season’s event was met with great praise following on from the half-time performances from the likes of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lemar and Mary J. Blige which remains as one of the greatest performances at the event in recent history.

Rhianna is expected to bring the spectators at the ground to their feet and is likely to be accompanied by another major act that could be added to the event at a later date, so stay tuned for further updates.

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