Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra tipped to offer major AI camera upgrades

As the countdown endures to the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series in the market, anticipated in February 2022, we are hearing more and more on the progressive camera systems that will come tailored to these devices definitely in this case the S22 Ultra.

Noted analyst @UniverseIce has taken to Twitter to recommend that the enhancements in the photo capturing proficiencies of the Galaxy S22 Ultra are 30% hardware and 70% software, with “traces of AI contribution all over”.

It was only a few days ago that a similar source exposed that Samsung had been working hard on artificial intelligence algorithms to bring progress in the nighttime and low light shooting, but now we have a few more particulars regarding how it will work actually.

Samsung Galaxy S22Ultra


Samsung Galaxy S22Ultra is definitely Better than ever!

The S22 Ultra is rumored to be the only S22 model coming with a 108MP main sensor, and rendering to this newest leak, an “AI detail enrichment button” will pop up when users are taking photos using that primary sensor.

Details, colors, and brightness will deceptively be enhanced by the AI processing, however of course we will have to wait and see how impactful the improvements are. Some users may well desire images that are unhurt by any extra software-based enhancements.

We have heard abundantly about the S22 Ultra in particular and the S22 series overall in recent months, and there isn’t much left for Samsung to show off now. Before these handsets arrive though, we should see the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in January.

Samsung Galaxy S22Ultra

AI matters more for users!

In current years, AI enrichments have become more and more significant in terms of the excellence of smartphone photos and videos, this is one of the reasons the Night Sight mode on Google’s Pixel phones works so perfectly, for an instant.

Google endures leading the way in this supposed computational photography, where algorithms build on top of the genuine info captured by the camera sensor. The modern Pixel 6 phones comprise more of these tricks than before!

Apple, Samsung, and the other popular smartphone manufacturers are deeply involved too, with AI taking care of everything from tweaking the overall tone of an image to steadying an unstable video. With sufficient training, these models can deliver some thoughtful upgrades.

Nevertheless, AI improvements can differ in excellence in a similar way as the original images. Just for the reason that a firm says it is carrying AI to its images doesn’t inevitably mean it’s going to get the whole thing accurate but at this point, it’s a vital thing.

So do you excited to see this upcoming new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. What new features do you want to see in this upcoming smartphone? Let us know everything in the comment section. For such latest updated news keep visiting our website thanks!

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