Samsung Galaxy Note 22 news, price, leaks and will it even happen

The Samsung Galaxy Note 21 would have been one of the greatest notorious phones of the year, but in a shocking move Samsung stopped it, send-off Note fans with just the Samsung Galaxy S21 range and folding phones as a substitute if they required a fresh and innovative high-end smartphone.

So, here the big question now is, will there be a possibility of Samsung Galaxy Note 22? Though there’s no decisive response to that up till now, we are starting to hear several rumours, which we will break down in the release date sector underneath.

Then, added down you’ll find info on the specifications and features that the Samsung Galaxy Note 22 might comprise if it does introduce. We’ll also be accumulating to this article whenever we receive whatsoever fresh about the phone, so please check back this post for further updates.

Samsung Galaxy Note 22


Samsung Galaxy Note 22 release date

If the Samsung Galaxy Note 22 releases and that’s huge if it will perhaps do so in August of 2022. Precisely, it will possibly be proclaimed in the first half of the month and go on sale in the second half, as that’s Samsung’s distinctive pattern for the mobile launch.

Though, it’s presently uncertain whether there will even be a Samsung Galaxy Note 22, given that the Galaxy Note 21 isn’t happening.

Most of the current news and leaks propose there won’t be one, with Samsung not reintroducing the Galaxy Note trademark while it renewed those for the Galaxy S, Galaxy Z, Galaxy M and Galaxy A series, and with at least one source smooth out saying there won’t be any more Samsung Galaxy Note phones.

Or at minimum, there seemingly won’t be any more of them in the procedure we have come to expect, though this source entitlements that Samsung inside deliberates of the Galaxy Z Fold range as the ‘Note Z’, so it’s imaginable a future foldable will have Note branding. In another place, we have likewise got that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra could in its place launch as the Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Ultra.

All that said, not reintroducing a trademark right now doesn’t mean Samsung won’t in near future, and the firm itself has earlier said that it’s anticipated that the Samsung Galaxy Note range will remain in 2022. That claim precedes the contradictory gossips above, but coming through from Samsung it conveys a lot of weight.

Plus, a reputed leaker appealed in September 2021 so further newly than many of the rumours that a supply chain source has seen proof of the Samsung Galaxy Note 22.

But even more, newly a source has demanded that there are no fresh Note models in Samsung’s 2022 product roadmap.

So, will there be a Samsung Galaxy Note 22? Truly we doubt it and there is no certainty in this news.  Leaks aside, with Samsung including S Pen support to the Galaxy S and Galaxy Fold ranges, and with the S22 Ultra rumoured to even have an S Pen slot, the Note has somewhat misplaced its main retailing theme, which proposes there might not be any extra of them and that if there are, the range’s days are maybe at least totalled.

Samsung Galaxy Note 22 price

So, if the Galaxy Note 22 will release then how much will the Samsung Galaxy Note 22 cost? This distant away from its probable launch timing there expectedly aren’t any price rumours so far, but it might cost a comparable amount to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 range.

That started at £849 / AU$1,499 for a 4G model with the US not getting that version and $999 / £949 / AU$1,649 for a 5G version. That’s for the normal Samsung Galaxy Note 20 however, opt for a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and at launch, it would have cost you upwards of $1,299 / £1,179 / AU$1,849.

If there is a Samsung Galaxy Note 22, there may or may not also be a Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Ultra, but for any other models that do launch, those prices seem like an estimated.

News and leaks

Till now, we don’t know anything solid information regarding this upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 22, with all the leaks and rumours so far just being attentive on whether or not there will even be such a phone.

There are some things that we can be fairly self-assured of nevertheless if the Note 22 does release. But one thing which can be possible is none other than the S Pen stylus, and unlike the Samsung Galaxy, S21 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 which also have stylus support the Note 22 is definitely to come with the stylus as typical and have an in-built slot to stock it.

We’d also presume the Samsung Galaxy Note 22 to have high power, possibly packing the best accessible Snapdragon chipset in some regions including the US version, and the greatest available Exynos one in others including the UK version. That’s classically what occurs with this range.

Outside that, there’s a chance that it will have an under-display camera, now that Samsung has ready the Galaxy Z Fold 3 with one, but we’re not fully sure of that.

It will possibly also have a lot in similarity with the Samsung Galaxy S22, so once that phone launches which are probably in January we’ll be able to clear things much better.

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