Rules for issuing a valid online casino license and its benefits

How to issue an online casino license in USA and other countries of the world? In the first case, gambling is legal only in a part of the states, the residents of which can fund the account using bank cards. The pioneers in legalization of gambling business are Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.

The information about this type of gambling establishments is published on the page . They come in two varieties – with and without the obligatory download of a gaming client. Readers will learn information about the accrued bonuses and the main types of gambling games. Benefits are described in the table. There are four of them.

Business becomes legal Documents are issued by the regulator, which checks the operation of the gambling establishment in advance. The hall is subject to the laws of the jurisdiction, where the license was issued.
Legitimacy of origin of money is confirmed Such a clause applies to users who replenish the gaming account. They transfer funds from bank cards and e-wallets.
Quality software Legitimate hall cooperates with the world-renowned software creators.
No failures in financial transactions Users can pay with bank cards of the Visa/Mastercard category. Transactions are not blocked.


Many gambling establishments have such advantages. You can read Slotocash review right now to get acquainted with the features of one of them. The site is present on the market since 2007, its advantages include positive reputation and good feedback from regular customers. SSL encryption protocols are used to protect personal data during financial transactions.

The Obligatory Requirement of Permissive Documents

A gambling establishment cannot operate legally without an online casino license. The nuances depend on each jurisdiction. For example, when registering a business in Costa Rica, you need a single document to promote the game in the slots and betting on sporting events. When opening an online casino in other territories, a gambling license is required ( the activities of the hall become illegal without it).

Documents are issued by authorized companies or a special regulatory body, which:

  • makes specific requirements for the beneficiary;
  • checks the compliance with the applicable regulations;
  • supervises the further work.

Observations affect the company’s financial accounting. In addition to the audit, an accurate list of gambling games in the collection is required to verify returns and functionality. The company applying for authorization must adhere to AML/KYC policies. Procedures are mandatory so that money laundering can be prevented.

Jurisdictions of Permits Issued

Permits are issued in a number of regions seeking to ensure fair and safe play. Popular regions include five:

  • Curaçao;
  • Isle of Man;
  • Kahnawake;
  • Malta;
  • Costa Rica.

The online casino license costs that applicants must consider depend on them. The first option is the most profitable from a financial point of view. Documents are drawn up by the regulator Curacao Gaming Commission, which has the right to audit online casinos. It operates on an island in the Caribbean Sea, which legally belongs to the Netherlands.

In this country, gambling is not divided into subspecies, so you need a single license to promote them. Information about registered capital and opening an account in a local bank is not required. The list of documents after submission is considered for two weeks. The advantages include:

  • documents can be sent by email without being in person;
  • availability of a license increases the reputation of the gambling establishment;
  • it is enough to officially confirm the income of the founders.

Legally, the Isle of Man, which is located in the English Channel, belongs to the United Kingdom. It is considered an offshore, the pluses include:

  • customer loyalty;
  • a single license;
  • income tax – 1.5%;
  • stable jurisdiction.

Large operators receive a basic license, small casinos – a sub-license with the addition to conclude contracts with other operators. Besides registration, the opening of an office with a physical address is required. The next step is to open an account in a local bank, where the share capital is deposited. Two directors are required, one of them must have a local higher education.

Kahnawake is a reservation in Canada with political and economic stability. A single license is issued, no gambling tax is to be paid. There is no minimum share capital, so applicants can contribute any amount. It will be required to pay an annual fee.

Malta’s license is issued by the regulator MGA, which aims to check the safety of players and ensure the integrity of the games. The system of gambling business in the country is perfectly regulated. Casinos are divided into four classes.

  1. With predictable outcomes.
  2. With fixed stakes.
  3. With a bookmaker’s office.
  4. With a B2B license.

The pros include tax benefits. Owners have to contribute the same amount of money to the budget as local companies. The Republic of Malta is a member of the European Union, so it does not belong to the offshore zones. To obtain it, you need to register a legal entity, then the company’s financing and management is checked.

The applicant’s business plan with a detailed description of marketing operations is also required. The quality of the site and the gambling games presented on them are checked. If this step is passed positively, the share capital is deposited. The last moment is the system audit, after its passing the license is issued

Costa Rica attracts the organizers of gambling (poker rooms, casinos with slot machines, betting companies). There are no strict controls and inspections by the regulator, there are no bans on the activities of gambling establishments, and it is possible to accept payments from players only in cryptocurrency. There are no requirements for server location, hiring local employees and opening a local office.

Newcomers need to register at the company beforehand. This step takes three to four weeks. It is necessary to describe the organizational structure, the value of shares and the amount of share capital in the documents.


The rules for issuing Las Vegas online casino license depend on individual criteria, which are recommended to clarify in advance. Most often, the owners of land-based establishments receive permits. Which of them are considered the best? There is information about this in CNN news, for example, on the page

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