Researchers have discovered a Relationship between asthma and brain tumors

  • Around 15 years ago, a statistical analysis discovered the first association between asthma and brain tumors. They first dismissed it as unimportant due to the lack of knowledge about the processes that connect lung and brain disorders.

In 2015, neurologists discovered that asthma does not develop at the same rate in children who are genetically predisposed to some form of brain tumor. The contact between the optic nerve and various immune cells, including T lymphocytes and microglia, has been demonstrated to induce brain tumors.

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory condition in which T lymphocytes play a role. Once these events co-occurred, neurologists began to look into how these cells responded. The scientists decided to try it on mice. The researchers uncovered the genes responsible for creating optic nerve tumors and caused asthma in the animals at 4 and 6 weeks of age. Mice with induced asthma did not acquire a brain tumor by 3 or 6 months, while mice without asthma did. Of course, we won’t give someone asthma because it’s a life-threatening condition. What if we could fool T cells into believing they’re asthmatic T cells when they reach the brain, preventing brain cancers from forming and progressing? The scenario was detailed by Dr. David Gutmann, a neurologist at Washington University in St. Louis.

ACCORDING TO EARLIER RESEARCH, stopping T cells from producing a protein called decorin promotes lower inflammation in the respiratory system. They showed decorin expression in the spleen, lymph nodes, and optic neurons of asthmatic mice.  This is comparable to the situation that asthmatics confront.

Decorin expression differed in non-asthmatic animals, suggesting that the protein isn’t helpful for the lungs but may have anti-cancer capabilities. Increased decorin along the optic nerve stops local T cells from activating microglia, which is an immunological process linked to the establishment of brain tumors. It’s possible that using decorin as a potential treatment technique may prevent cancer cells from accumulating in humans.

Researchers have discovered a Relationship between asthma and brain tumors
Researchers have discovered a Relationship between asthma and brain tumors

Asthma can help to prevent brain tumors:

American neurologists discovered an unusual discovery more than a decade ago: patients with asthma tend to have fewer brain tumors than the general population. Scientists at St. Louis Medical School believe they’ve figured out how and why.

By these experts, immune cells known as t lymphocytes act abnormally when asthmatics’ lungs are inflamed. Members of the study did many studies on mice to understand better the role of these lymphocytes, also known as T cells.

Scientists have started genetically altering a group of mice to make them more vulnerable to optic nerve tumors. Then, at 4 to 6 weeks old, they made some of their babies asthmatic. Consequently, unlike mice without asthma, mice with asthma exhibited no signs of brain tumors after three to six months. A science alert has been issued. This is when T lymphocytes enter the picture.

The researchers observed that t cells had started to secrete a protein called decoration when the mice got asthma. This protein, which is known to affect the airways, will cause injury and impede the activation of microglia, which are sentinel cells.

As per the scientific press, asthmatic mice had more patterning in their T cells, lymph nodes, liver, and visual cortex than non-asthmatic mice.

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Researchers have discovered a Relationship between asthma and brain tumors
Researchers have discovered a Relationship between asthma and brain tumors

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