Public Holidays Victoria 2022

In Victoria, public holidays are holidays that are recognized by legislation. Despite the fact that they are designated on a state and territorial basis, they are a combination of nationally recognized days and holidays that are unique to each jurisdiction.

Workers often receive full paid leave regardless of yearly leave during public holidays, which act as non-working days. Those who labor on public holidays are paid at a higher penalty rate. When public holidays fall on a weekend, they are usually announced in lieu for the following Monday.

Public Holidays Victoria 2022
Public Holidays Victoria 2022

In Victoria, statutory holidays are based on a variety of religious and civic observances. C Two of the most major Christian festivals, Christmas and Easter, are amongst the most extensively celebrated. Labor Day is celebrated in every state and territory, however the date varies.

Victoria’s national holidays are governed by the Victoria National Holidays Act 1993. Victorian workers are covered by the Work choices system either because they come under Commonwealth constitutional authority (known as “constitutional corporation employees”) or because Victoria has delegated legislative authority to the Commonwealth for specific workplace relations issues.

Employees’ rights to paid vacation and holidays are contingent on whether they are covered by a government award or agreement.

Workers that are not protected by a national contract are entitled to national holidays by the Victoria National Holidays Act 1993. Furthermore, if they are not protected by a national contract, all permanent personnel who would normally operate on a federal holiday or a substitute public holiday are entitled to a paid holiday.

If they work on a public holiday, their employers are not compelled to pay them more, although this does not rule out the possibility of negotiations between employees and employers.

Workers protected by a national contract are eligible to public holidays under the rules of the applicable federal award or agreement as well as the National Holidays Act 1993. For work performed on a national holiday, many government agreements carry additional fines. Only exempted firms are allowed to open for business on certain days. Bank holidays include all public holidays and replacement public holidays.

The week before AFL Grand Final was declared a public holiday in Victoria in August 2015, as was Easter Sunday. This holiday’s date has been set by the Victorian government and cannot be anticipated with any accuracy. In 2019, the Victoria Government amended the National Holidays Act 1993 to declare the AFL Grand Final a national holiday.

Public Holidays Victoria 2022:

Following is a list of Victorian public holidays 2022:

Name  Date
New Year 1 January
Australia Day 26 January
Labour Day 2nd Monday in March
Good Friday Friday before Easter
Holy Saturday Day before Easter
Easter Sunday Day of Easter
Easter Monday Day after Easter
Anzac Day 25 April
Queen’s Birthday 2nd Monday in June
Friday before Australian Football League Grand Final Variable date (usually late September/early October)
Melbourne Cup Day 1st Tuesday of November*
Christmas 25 December
Boxing Day 26 December

Melbourne Cup Day is observed in many of the states, however, other cup days and show days are observed in the state’s west. A list of non-metropolitan national holidays may be found here.

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Melbourne Show Day was a half-day public holiday celebrated on the Thursday of the final full week of September until it was repealed by the state government in 1994. In Victoria, Easter Tuesday was recognized as a bank holiday until the state government discontinued it in 1994.

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