PUBG Mobile New State everything you need to know

PUBG: New State has finally inwards, well-prepared to respire fresh life into the clash royale rage of current times which has gotten likes of Fortnite, Apex Legends and Warzone remain the gaming world’s passion with the last man standing approach.

A mobile special, PUBG: New State was released in February 2021 together with an obscure declaration preview which, logically, left fans keen to acquire more around the persistence shooter.

How enthusiastic? Well, Krafton, the game’s developer, exposed that over 50 million pre-registrations were to deal with on the Google Play Store in expectancy of its onset on 11th November 2021.

Now, still, it’s lastly here, and underneath, you’ll get all you need to know about PUBG: New State, as well as info on its innovative maps, modes and feature.


PUBG Mobile New State release date and price

According to Krafton’s approval that PUBG: New State would launch on Android and iOS devices in late 2021, the game was afterwards launched on 11th November.

One Android Police reporter was able to capture a whole hour of gameplay ahead of time, though (which you’ll find here), so we already had a pretty good idea of how PUBG: New State would play.

When it comes to price, the game will be free to play. Like its previous version, though, PUBG: New State is beset with for sale in-game content like skins, weapons and upcoming developments.

What is PUBG: New State?

First of all, it’s necessary to clarify that PUBG: New State is not PUBG 2 hence why we’re uncertain to call it a sequel. Somewhat, it’s an innovative battle royale game special to Android and iOS, succeeding the release of PUBG Mobile in 2018 and PUBG Mobile Lite in 2020, the final of which has since been withdrawn.

The foremost alteration to the original mobile game is its revolutionary setting: the game takes place in 2051 on a new map called Troi and has suitably progressive weapons and perks.

PUBG: New State has included quite a lot of fresh features to the existing battle royale formulation that assisted put the original game on the map, which we’ll discuss in detail below, but it still seems very much similar to the outmoded PUBG experience we’ve derived to recognise and love.

Remarkably, the game was developed by PUBG Studios rather than Tencent, the team behind PUBG Mobile. In many ways, the mobile version of PUBG has concealed its higher brother, mainly in terms of revenue it was the highest-earning mobile game in May 2020, so it makes logical that the original creators of the game are introducing more prominence on its evidently moneymaking mobile player-base.


What’s new with PUBG: New State?

The first understandable leaving from existing PUBG titles, which are all set in the current day, is the fresh ultramodern setting in PUBG: New State. Taking place in 2051 on a new map an area called Troi where players can assume to circumnavigate an expansive town with a mix of outlying living and more natural areas.

The map is 8 x 8, an alike size to Erangel and Miramar from the leading PUBG game, and features adequately of locations for gamers to reconnoitre including a town hall, restaurants and a shopping mall. Here, you’ll find particulars of the fresh map in detail. You can also see a comprehensive top-down sight of the innovative atmosphere here.

Amusingly, the game was also released with three other amazing maps, with the above-mentioned fan-favourite Erangel, which has been updated with revolutionary rotations for New State, precisely.

With this innovative revolutionary setting comes a suitably-futuristic selection of new implements, too. In both, the clips and gameplay disclose, we marked drones that carry loot, deployable combat shields alike to those we’ve seen in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 and sparkly new weapons, together with fresh vehicles with TRON-like bikes. You can also now modify weapons in-game, in a way alike to Apex Legends’ dynamic alteration mechanic.

The developer also assured ultra-realistic graphics that force the restrictions of mobile gaming, and that entitlement grips up from gameplay we’ve realized and played so far.

New State uses a state-of-the-art interpretation technology to carry its mobile gaming experience on another level with the PC version of PUBG, retaining features like global illumination, auto illustrating and auto-exposure. The gunplay arrangement, too, has been wholly reformed cheers to these innovative graphical developments you can check it out in achievement via the tweet responses.

New State’s remarkable visuals are not inadequate to users of the latest mobile hardware, moreover. During a media display ahead of its November launch, Krafton assured that the game has been improved to be adored by the mainstream players, henceforth its forgiving system requirements: iOS 13 or later on at least an iPhone 6S, and Android OS 6 on any Android device with at least 2GB RAM.

Assume to see an extreme smooth framerate, then, and a noticeable graphic enhancement over its mobile-based previous version, which is mostly not optimized that well and designed for hand-held devices.

Suffice to say, if you’re blessed enough to have a modern phone like the Samsung Galaxy S21 or iPhone 13, you’ll be capable to enjoy the smooth and advanced graphic experience in this new PUBG: New State with optimum settings. Even with all those superficial visual deviations, nevertheless, the game still plays in considerable the same way as its widespread battle royale siblings.

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