The PS5 Had Several Great Titles In 2022

  • While Microsoft focused on making Xbox Game Pass a must-have membership service and Nintendo revealed a glittering new Switch, Sony focused on providing outstanding video games and ensuring that everyone who wanted PS5 could get one. While the second part of that ambitious plan has yet to materialize, there’s no denying that the PS5 saw some great game releases this year, entirely using the alien spaceship-like console’s capabilities.

Despite a solid start, the PlayStation 5 appears to be playing catch-up. But let’s start this year’s evaluation with a far more positive tone. That’s excellent. People buy video game systems to play games, and that’s what they do.

It’s that fantastic games were published on the Xbox Series X/S in 2022 as well, many of which may be played for free right away with a bit of membership charge. While the Xbox Series X/S continued where the Xbox One left off, inheriting a stable operating system, the PS5 started with a new operating system from scratch. The PS5 is still waiting for features like themes, and personalized game folders added years ago to Sony’s last platform.

The PS5 began with an incredible roster of exclusive games, including Astro’s Playroom, the Demon’s Souls remake, and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, especially when contrasted to the Xbox Series X/S, which launched with no console exclusives at all.

In April, things started to heat up for Sony’s first-party titles. The yearly baseball game MLB: The Show 21 was launched first, and for the first time in franchise history, it was also available on Xbox systems. Not only that but it was known for Xbox Game Pass from the start. The historic cross-platform release was made possible via a deal between Sony and Major League Baseball in 2019, rather than a sentimental collaboration between the two console manufacturers.

But that was in the year 2020. This is the year 2021, and first-party Sony exclusives have been scarce. In the first quarter of this year, most PS5 releases were either multiplatform or next-gen upgrades for PS4 titles. Destruction Allstars, a derby-style competitive racing game that failed to find an audience, was Sony’s first exclusive PS5 title in 2021. It hasn’t been the most encouraging start to the year.

Although MLB: The Show 21 is enjoyable, one of the finest PS5 games of the year was released in late April. Returnal, a roguelike developed by Housemarque, was the first big PS5 hit of 2021, and for a good cause. No other game in its genre has ever felt or looked as impressive, transforming the third-person shooter into something entirely different, even extraterrestrial in origin. Even those who aren’t fans of roguelikes (like me) couldn’t resist Returnal’s allure.

The PS5 Had Several Great Titles In 2021, But It Was A Dismal Year In General
The PS5 Had Several Great Titles In 2022, But It Was A Dismal Year In General

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The PS5 Had Several Great Titles In 2021, But It Was A Dismal Year In General
The PS5 Had Several Great Titles In 2022, But It Was A Dismal Year In General

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