Prince William Taylor Swift Bon Jovi

Prince William first wrote the title in November 2013 after an immediate musical collaboration with Taylor Swift and John Bon Jovi and finally described how he was “out of his comfort zone.”

According to CNN, Prince William said he felt “in a trance” in November 2013 because Taylor Swift at one point took him to the Kensington Palace grant department.

“I was sitting next to Taylor Swift. It’s on my left,” recalls the Duke of Cambridge’s Walking Time audio series from Apple Fitness, due on December 6th and due to be more reliable on December 6th.

To this day, William admits that he doesn’t know “what happened to me” and “what happened next.”

The three non-members joined forces on November 3rd at the Centrepoint Celebration Dinner at Kensington Palace on 26, 2013.

Prince says that in a second of his life, he can judge himself in the swan: “I try to hold myself together on the outside, but the legs paddle inward quickly.”

Prince William Taylor Swift Bon Jovi
Prince William Taylor Swift Bon Jovi

“Sometimes, when you are taken out of your safe zone, you have an opportunity to deal with it,” he added.

He also said that “I sat next to Taylor Swift when Bon does his first song, and she turned to me after a pause and put her hand on my shoulder. She said Come on, William, while looking me in the eye. Let’s go and sing.”

Prince, who is the father of three, Prince George, 8, Prince Louis, 3, and Princess Charlotte, 6, and a husband to a beautiful wife, Duchess Kate, explained about the moment to ET Canada.

“I do not know what has happened to me so far. To be honest, I’m still afraid of what happened next, and I can not understand why I would do it. But in fact, if Taylor Swift looks at you, tightens your hand, and says, “Come with me.” I will feel like a puppy and go.” Yes, it’s a good idea. I’ll follow you.”

“After that, I walked right up to the stage during the performance of Bon Jovi when he was singing Livin on a Prayer song; I was carried away with the thoughts while looking at everyone enjoying the moment, not knowing the words that are coming out,” Prince added.

“For a moment, I thought if everyone is enjoying the night, so I should too. I cannot destroy the moment tonight where everybody seems to be happy,” he further added.

Prince was really nervous about singing along with the famous singer as he also did not remember any of the lyrics. He was finally relaxed when he got out of his comfort zone and got down with the flow.

A video revealed that Prince William was approached by Bon Jovi where he requested him to join him on the stage by mentioning him as a “Karaoke Kid,” after which the famous singer Taylor Swift also joined them on the stage.

The Prince and Taylor Swift High-Fived on the stage after the first stage of singing was rounded up, and the chorus continued to sing along during that time.

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