Pokémon GO Top 5 picks for November Community Day 2021

With Duskull’s Community day in Pokémon Go, November is exactly in the highlights of many trainers as one of the last community days of the year.  But here the question, which Pokémon will get the permission for its own community day? Electrabuzz was the Pokémon which was chosen for the November community day, appreciated by many of the trainers who were able to evolve the wanted Electivire, a powerful Electric-type Pokémon.

However, Niantic has yet to reveal or even hint what Pokémon they plan to for this November’s Community Day. It may take few more days before the Pokémon Go Devs provide some info, but there are some of the top picks that players are hoping might appear in this upcoming November Community day.

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Pokemon Go: 5 Pokémon worth considering for November 2021 Community day

1. Chespin

There is no doubt that Pokémon Go community days are now very much popular when starter Pokémon are nominated, as they are mostly inseparably connected with Pokémon fans’ preferred games in the franchise.

This seems to hold, as all of the starters from generations I-V have their own community days, However, Generation VI starters have yet to have their day in the sun.

It’s something of a risk as to which Kalos region starter Pokémon Go devs at Niantic would pick, but players haven’t seen a Grass-type community Day since 11th April, when the Unova starter Snivy was picked.

Choosing Chespin evolves into Chesnaught, which can fare mainly well at PvE roles and picks up a Fighting-type group along the evolutionary line, Niantic may pull the initiate on Gen VI’/s starters rather than waiting until next year.

2. Axew

Axew is one of the rarer kinds of Pokemon in Pokemon Go. This dragon type Pokemon may look diminutive on its own, but can even evolve into the powerful Haxorus, which can provide an extreme attack stat.

This makes Axew the desired catch for many trainers who usually love to use high powered Haxorus in their PvE or PvP combat. Unluckily, Axew doesn’t pop up too often, making gaining candy for it a tough task.

A community Day towards the close of Pokémon Go’s 5th anniversary year, modifying this would be an amazing step forward, and the community itself would likely be happy with the result.

3. Goomy

Goomy is another popular dragon type Pokemon addressing from Generation VI’s Kalos region, Goomy is a typical Pokemon that may not look like much but converts much better over time. In this case, this will be its final evolution Goodra owns a maximum of 3963 of CP. No doubt thanks to its verity, it also holds an above-average move collection that covers many diverse kinds of benefits.

Not only that, but the assortment of Dragon-type Pokémon presently within Pokémon Go has always been a massive preferred of fans.

Goomy may be more on the attractive side associated with others like Salamence or one of the many legendary Dragon Pokémon like Zekrom, Rayquaza and Reshiram, but it can still back and has already garnered adoration from earlier arrivals outer of Pokemon Go’s Community Days.         

4. Cranidos

Though Caranidos is an uninspiring Pokemon, its evolution Rampardos is an extremely offensive Pokemon. In fact, its maximum attack stat peaks only five points short of Mewtwo, which ways a lot regarding what this tiny Rock-type Pokémon is proficient of once it is converted up.

Although Rampardos, doesn’t have perfect metrics to endure long in PvP, its ability in PvE areas such as raids and Term Go Rocket battles is extremely necessary.

This Pokemon is still something of a glass cannon in Pokemon Go raids, but it has more strength comparable to Alakazam than softer Pokémon like Gengar. Using a perfect grouping of SmackDown and Rock Slide, it can exenterate Bug, Flying, fire and the similar kind of Attack advantage it receives for matching moves and Pokémon types.

5. Litwick

The theme of speculation for months extending back to the end of spring, Liwick has been on the focus for many Pokémon Go trainers. This small Ghost/Fire kind of Pokémon is characteristically a fixture during the Fall months due to Halloween celebrations, but it was left out of the limelight this October in favour of other Ghost-type such as Drifloon, Gastly, and Duskull.

As Litwick’s final development Chandelure s flat-out one of the best Ghost-type Pokémon in the game on offence especially during raids, Pokémon Go trainers have been grinding at the bit to get their hands on a great Litwick or additional candies for it.

While it may be doubtful that Niantic picks two Ghost-type Pokémon in a row for Community Day, many Pokémon Go players in the community are still hoping that the Candle Pokémon will make its arrival again before the end of this year.

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