Pokémon GO – How Pokestop Power Ups Work

Since the Pokémon Go was originally launched a ton of exhilarating features have been added to make the more engaging for different types of players and to keep things engaging. From Mega Raids to the Buddy system, to Friendship levels; Pokémon Go is continuously progressing. The next big feature accumulation may be perfect around the corner now that a full assessment is proceeding in select regions.

Currently, power-up Pokestops are being verified in New Zealand as the system uninterrupted to be squeezed. The brand new system is another opportunity for Niantic to gather additional AR resources and practical mapping data via Pokémon Go’s player base in interchange for in-game bonuses.

The way the system works in its current form is quite simple. Players have the chance to scan a Pokestop with their phone to assist create its 3D model as long as they are within 40 meters of the location. After scanning, the Pokestop’s number of scans increases by one, and if a certain milestone is achieving then the Pokestop powers up to convinced level and provides extra slight bonuses for those around it.

During the testing, there are recently three tires to the powered-up status that can be functional to Pokestops. The rewards are not all that intense or impactful at the lower levels, but the bonus Premier Ball for Battle Raid encounters at the top level could be a lifesaver for some players during select crucial Battle Raids.

Pokémon Go

Pokestop Power Up Bonuses in Pokémon Go 

Power Level 1

Scans Required: 5

Duration: 48 hours

Bonuses: Bonus Items on Spin

Power Level 2

Scans Required: 10

Duration: 12 hours


  • Bonus Items on Spin
  • Buddy Bonus Heart

Power Level 3

Scans Required: 25

Duration: 12 hours


  • Bonus Items on Spin
  • Buddy Bonus Heart
  • Bonus Spawns (Stops only)
  • Bonus Premier Balls in Raids (Gyms only)

In the upcoming weeks, we should know more about other events that will be incoming during the future days of the season of Mischief. Make sure to check back in the near future for more Pokémon Go strategy guides, news, and updates. Until then, enjoy the game and good luck trainers.

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