Pixel 6 connection glitches Google is investigating the issue!

If you are using Google Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro and struggling to get a steady network connection recently, you are not alone! the issue seems to be practically extensive from what we can confirm you, and nowadays Google has assured that it’s “aggressively investigating” the problem.

That update from Google comes via 9to5Google, and Google has highlighted that the December software patch is not the source cause of the glitches, as some had speculated the timings did seem to match up.

Currently, Google doesn’t have a response for what is going on and why the connection issue is there, but we do at least in present-day know that engineers are investigating this serious issue. For the time being there is no such indication of when the whole thing might get back to normal for affected users.

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ThePixel 6 connection Issue is true and it’s not limited 

You don’t have to go far away to find gossips of users struggling to get associated to a cellular network on their Pixel 6 or Pixel Pro phone: these reports have exploded up on Reddit, the official Google support forums, and the matter tracker that Google runs.

“No or negligible signal, was previously inquisitive if something was up with my provider,” writes one user undergoing the problem. Another reports that cell signal strength has “fell down significantly” in recent days.

The problems seem to be centered on European countries, together with Germany, France, Belgium, and Spain, signifying it’s a region-specific problem. Restarting the phone does seem to resolve the problem in some cases, but only for some moment.

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Google should understand customer service matters a lot!

Google can be honored with the greeting that the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro have been given since they were released in October 2021: they are well designed, they are influential, and they provide the photo quality that we have come to assume from the Pixel series.

If Google is serious regarding taking on the likes of Apple and Samsung at the top of the smartphone tree, though, it requires to make sure that every single aspect of the business is well protected and that comprises rapid and dependable customer support.

This is something Apple does certainly well. recognizing glitches when they crop up, and giving users a diversity of ways to get their iPhones repaired: through an Apple Store, for example, or by sending the device straight to Apple instead.

Now it’s up to Google to demonstrate it can reply speedily to problems with its handsets, and get solutions rolled out on time. That will do miracles for user assurance in Google’s devices, both now and in the future for such premium handsets as the Google Pixel 6a.

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