Real Estate Transactions

Cryptocurrency To be Used For Making Real Estate Transactions

Bitcoins are slowly getting accepted as real currency throughout the world for making different purchases and transactions like buying coffee, purchasing cars like Tesla, and even for real estate transactions. New York is the first to use bitcoin for property for example the Group; Magnum Real Estate put up retail condos along with the retail … Read More

Oil Prices Increased

Oil Prices Increased to About $150

With the rising inflation in the United States, the Oil Prices Increased too. This is the first time in the previous thirteen years that the oil prices have surged to around four dollars per gallon. Till now, it rose only in three of the total states like in the State of California and Hawaii, but … Read More

Mega-Cap Tech Was Knocked Down

An Increase in Inflation is Feared, Stocks Have Gained

Because of COVID 19, inflation has increased in many countries, including the United States of America, so Stocks Have Gained. This Friday, because of the services of technology and communication, the United States value and equities increased a healthy amount than before. On Wednesday, The S&P 500 met with a decline in consumer prices unexpectedly, … Read More

World War Hulk Movie

Marvel is Working on a World War Hulk Movie as Per Rumours

Marvel Studios may have successfully acquired the rights to make an independent Hulk film starring Mark Ruffalo, 13 years since the premiere of The Incredible Hulk. Furthermore, it appears that the film will be based on the widely praised “World War Hulk” comic. If the claim from Geeks Worldwide is accurate, Marvel Studios has apparently … Read More

Evergrande Pays Bond Coupons

Evergrande Pays Bond Coupons

Just like the rest of the world, China’s economy is in danger. Because China is running out of cash, it will increase its bonds and stocks more to overcome this situation. And recently Evergrande said, Evergrande Pays Bond Coupons. No one expected that there would be any gain in the real estate, but to everyone’s … Read More