Omicron variant spreading faster than the 2nd wave COVID 19 in India

In current days India has witnessed a huge spike in COVID-19 cases. As per the current report some cities marked almost double their COVID cases overnight and reported thousands of fresh infections. On Sunday Delhi reported its highest ever in a single-day surge since 20th May, as well as the COVID positive increases to almost 4.59%. The current spike in cases is being logged among a noteworthy surge in cases belonging to the new Omicron variant.

According to the official data, it clearly indicates that the numbers noted in just two days of 2022 are higher than the collective cases reported between August and November which is the main worry for India Government. As per the analysis of reputed news channel CNN-18 the capital, Delhi had reported a total number of 4,669 cases in these three months which is a big worry for especially Delhi Government.

Omicron variant spreading faster than the 2nd wave
Omicron variant spreading faster than the 2nd wave

If we consider the last seven days, the daily caseload of Delhi has risen from 331 cases which were recorded on Monday 27th December to 3194 on Sunday 2nd January. 496 new cases were reported on Tuesday only, and 923 on Wednesday, 1313 on Thursday. 1,796 cases were reported on Friday, even though the number rose to 2,716 on Saturday. As of yesterday evening, the national capital has 8397 active cases.

The worrying sign is the spike is not just restricted to Delhi. Several other states and cities including Mumbai have also seen huge cases spikes and the number is multiplied by several thousand over last few days.  From 108 fresh cases on December 1, Mumbai reported 809 new cases last Monday. The week ended with 8063 fresh cases on Sunday (2nd January) and an active caseload of 29,819. Led by its capital city, Maharashtra on Sunday reported 11,877 fresh COVID-19 cases 2,707 more than the day before, and 50 Omicron infections.

Recently a complete analysis was done by the health minister and that data says the Omicron led the third wave even rapidly than the 2nd wave of COVID-19 in India.  According to the report, the second wave of delta virus even had not seen such rapid cases which is a big worry for India. As per the official data, now there are a total of 1,22,801 active cases in the country.

When it comes to Delhi despite the huge numbers of new variant cases Arvind Kejriwal government has executed a “Yellow” alert Zone under the Delhi Disaster Management Authority approved Graded Response Action Plan, Capital Delhi might soon become qualified for more severe curbs. If the overall case positivity rate of 5% is reported for two consecutive days and it would also trigger a “Red Alert zone”.

No doubt the cases are growing unexpectedly, still, the Delhi Government has advised people to not panic, claiming that the situation was not very much forbidding as the lethal second wave seen in Mid-2021. A few days before, the administration has also renounced putting the “amber alert” in place after the positivity rate crossed the relevant marker. Till now only 82 Oxygen beds in hospitals are occupied.

On Sunday evening Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal assured that

 “As of now Delhi government will prepare almost 37,000 beds. I just want to tell people that all new cases are with mild symptoms, asymptomatic, so there is no reason for the panic”.           

If we will make a comparison with last year, Kejriwal said that there were around 6600 active COVID-19 cases in Delhi on March 27. “145 patients were on ventilators, as compared to 5 now,” he further added.

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