No Severe Symptoms Reported In Omicron Infections; It Is Less Harmful Than Delta Variant

In-home treatments could be provided for the patients suffering from omicron infections, stated one of the omicron’s first suspected patients and also a South African doctor. According to him, the symptoms are not severe and could be easily treated at home.

Very mild symptoms were seen in patients infected with omicrons as compared to the Delta variant of coronavirus, stated South African Medical Association’s chair and a private practitioner named Dr. Angelique Coetzee. She inspected about eighteen such patients and reported that this virus strain is not as severe as the Delta variant.

Between the time of 16th of November and the 14th of November, there were many samples collected, and the National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) of South Africa detected and reported the variant immediately to the World Health Organization, which gave it the name of omicron.

Headache, nausea, and body ache for two days will be seen with extreme weakness in the symptoms of omicron infected patients, stated by the Coetzee who examed a patient on 18th of November.

Positive results came out when the patient with such symptoms and his family were tested for the COVID 19 infection. It had been already ten weeks since the last patient was seen with such symptoms, and they were confused as the symptoms could be of a normal viral infection. So the infection with omicron exhibits similar symptoms as the normal viral infection; hence it is not deadly.

Three patients were seen by her, and she said that she came to a conclusion that it is something else causing these symptoms, which do not match with the Delta variant or any other viral infection. She said that if it had been only one patient, she could have ignored it, but there were several other patients who came in with similar symptoms, which put her into confusion and doubt of whether there is another variant.

She immediately reported this situation to the NCID and told them that this similarity in symptoms in several patients, which is different from the previous symptoms of COVID 19 infections is unusual and a cause of concern. She said that she had examined many patients within the third wave of Delta variant of the coronavirus, and this infection seemed different.

Home-based treatments have been enough to deal with omicron, and none of the patients have undergone surgeries or sensitive treatments to fight off the infections. She said that symptoms are mild and are not of huge concern, but precautions are still necessary as we do not know whether the new variant is capable of taking new powerful forms or not.

The new variant has not yet caused any oxygen levels to drop, loss of taste and smell, and other severe symptoms that were seen in patients of Delta variant, stated the member of Vaccines Ministerial Advisory Committee named Coetzee. She stated that the patients who had visited her with omicron infection were all those who were not vaccinated and were of age 40 or younger.

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