The Next Question for kids Vaccines? School Mandates

The Center for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) approved this Tuesday that Pfizer-BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine can be used on kids of age five to eleven years old. They have considered it safe for this age group. But since there have been no experimentations, we do not know what risk factors it carries. All the schools are confused about whether to mandate it for everyone or not.

Why does it even matter in the first place?

The advisory boards of the Food and Drug Administration, FDA, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC both put forward serious concerns relating to the vaccination of kids. Regardless of what the medical status is shown to be or how the Covid situation seems to be improving, this problem needs keen observations and solutions.

“I am just really very worried that if we say yes and agree, then the states are really going to mandate administration of these vaccines to children in order to go to their school, and I do not agree with that, no matter what excuse they put forward to justify it” Cody Meissner who is an FDA committee member said this on last Friday.

What is actually happening? The Center for Diseases Control and Prevention CDC director, named Rochelle Walensky, as well as the CDC whole panel, agreed to the final conclusion that there was really more benefit and advantage to kids older than five getting vaccinations.

On the other hand, with no vaccination, it might not be too good, so for now, we should work on this solution.

Play of State: Vaccination for the twelve to seventeen years old was allowed and was put into action just a few months back 9six months exact). This was approved by the federal government. Even so, six months have passed only five of the biggest school districts, which are in total 200, have been mandated to get the kids vaccinated.

All of these five schools out of the 200 are placed in the state of California. Except for these, none could complete this task.

In the big cities like Philadelphia, New York City, Chicago, and Washington, D.C, etc., and in the smaller urban cities too, all high schools require athletes to get vaccinated strictly before playing any sports. This was confirmed by Dennis Roche, who is a co-founder of the Burbio school tracking site, this was told by Axios.

Reality check: Bree Dusseault, who is a principal at the Center on the Reinventing Public Education, tells Axios that all the schools would be in huge danger and might face big hurdles if they do not get the five to eleven age groups vaccinated soon.

Experts have concluded that it will take a while to get everyone vaccinated. This is because, at the start, only some would be willing to do this and get their kids vaccinated. Then after some time has passed and other people have seen its strong and powerful effects against Covid, more will begin to get vaccinated.

FiveThirtyEight reported that another problem that lies right now is the non-risky factors involved. These risk factors are not of strong infection or death. These types of cases are low, so selling off these mandates would be hard in places where resistance is seen to the shots.

Dusseault mentioned that almost all of the problems reported by the vaccine mandates of children are usually reported in the regions or districts where no strict laws against Covid prevention are taken. For example, if in some regions, the mask mandates are not followed, then the risk increases.

In conclusion to all this, Dusseault briefly commented, “They are less burdensome to have than masking or COVID testing, and districts that make that choice may have a clearer path in being able to focus more of their efforts and resources on learning which is what districts want to be doing actually,”

“However, districts may feel that asking students to vaccinate might be like crossing a line that they are not willing to cross. It puts them through a risk of potentially losing some of the students they serve if the families altogether do not agree with that mandate,” she added.

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