New Xiaomi phone may feature a 4K screen!

According to a recent leak, Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi is all set to launch its first-ever 4K screen OLED display on a handset.

A brand new smartphone with a 4K display was marked by top XDA developers on the Chinese authorization’s website that is the TENNA and no doubt this is a massive hint that it will be coming to the market of China soon.

According to the predictions regarding the listing, the unidentified smartphone features a 6.55 inch 4K display having an OLED display with a 3840×2160 resolution. That would be almost equivalent to 672 pixels per inch.

Sony is the one and only smartphone manufacturer currently using a 4K displays, and its newly launched smartphone the Sony Xperia1III features a 6.5-inch display which equals 643 pixels per inch.

That would mean Xiaomi could take the title of the best resolution presented on a smartphone if this phone is true. Even if the smartphone is truly going to launch, then it most probably will be limited to China.

The model number in this listing matches with the brand new Xiaomi CIVI, which was exposed at the end of September and will persist a high-class phone for the Chinese market.

This smartphone also features a 6.55-inch display, but there is presently no one on a variant with a 4K display. That model number definitely deeply proposes this will at least be a part of the same family of devices.

There is the possibility that the TENNA’s information is improper, which if factual may mean that we won’t see a 4K display on a Xiaomi phone anytime shortly.

Analysis: Should Xiaomi embrace 4k Screen?

Though 4K displays on smartphones are not newly featured, it’s just not a collective technology yet. The Sony Xperia Z5 Premium from 2015 was the first-ever commercially obtainable handset with a 4K display, and Sony’s flagship handsets since then have all featured 4K resolutions.

No other manufacturer has believed 4K a valuable specification on smartphones, and it’s a strange thing to see Xiaomi now choose to go with a 4K display. It may be that it’s using the Xiaomi CIVI line as a way of testing with new features.

This may be an approach of the firm testing demand and seeing how a 4K resolution would work on its smartphones. If this smartphone is a successful effort, it may then be a game-changing feature Xiaomi may roll out to other smartphones in the future. It’s unlikely to unveiling on the Xiaomi 12, or it may be something we see brought into other smartphones like MI Mix Series.

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