iPad mini 2021 ‘jelly scrolling’ is normal, says Apple


Update on Jelly scrolling

Apple gave the statement after several compliant to one of the prominent news portals regarding jelly scrolling issues and said that this is casual behaviour for LCD screens. This statement clearly means that Apple is not considering resolving these jelly scrolling issues in future.

According to tech giant Apple the jelly scrolling issue happens because of the screen refresh line by line, there is an obvious delay. This consequence is certainly more visible than we have seen on other LCD screens, so it looks like that is something you will have to manage if you want an iPad mini 6.

Jelly scrolling

What’s the original story behind the Jelly scrolling issue?

Recently, after the launch of iPad Mini 2021, some of the owners have marked a display issue called Jelly scrolling on the screen of this new iPad during the portrait orientation.

This issue usually refers to an effect where lines of text incline left when the user scrolling through a webpage. You can easily mark the effect by scrolling the page!

The new iPad Mini tablet went on sale on 24th September Friday and many users have started to mark an issue and many tech portals also asked Apple for clarification on this new issue.

First Dieter Bohn tweeted this issue on Twitter and it was noticed a lot among people. He has tweeted the real footage of the Jelly scrolling issue and asked other users regarding this issue.

Since hearing these reports we tested the same issue and marked it certain times with the iPad mini 2021.

Though it was not clear if this is a hardware issue or something else Apple would be able to fix with a new software update.

According to the tech leaker Jon Prosser, the same kind of issue also obstructed certain iPad Air 4 units. Though, this was not an issue with every tablet so there may be a chance that this issue will not appear on every model.       

Analysis: What can Apple do?

Jelly scrolling is not a new issue for the tech world! Previously when we have seen a similar issue it has been a hardware issue so this can’t be fixed so easily for sure.

Before the One Plus, 5 always saw the same issue and later on found that the screen was mounted the wrong way which clearly mean that Apple can’t just fix this issue with a software update. For now, it’s a big issue for most of the iPad Mini owners and Apple also not considering this issue seriously!

So what are you thinking about this jelly scrolling issue? Would you purchase a new iPad Mini with this issue as it seems Apple is not going to fix it! Share your thoughts with us under the comment section.

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