Moon Knight’s French actor Gaspard Ulliel Dies at 37 after skiing accident

Shocking news came from the family member of talented French Actor Gaspard Ulliel that he dies on Wednesday subsequent to a skiing accident in the Alps. No doubt this is a heartbroken moment for all the fans of Gaspard who is no more in this world but definitely left his legacy and classy acting skills via his movies. Ulliel is listed as one of the best and most popular French actors who has appeared in its Only the End of the World and Saint Laurent.

According to the report and the statement of his family members, this actor was skiing in the Savoie region on Tuesday when he struck with another person. As a result, he suffered severe brain trauma and was airlifted to a recognized hospital in Grenoble as an emergency, where he died the next day. Though the other skier was not injured or hospitalized and there is an investigation is currently undergoes on this case.

This bad news came just a day after the release of the trailer for Moon Knight, in which he stars as Midnight Man which was released online.

Gaspard Ulliel died
Gaspard Ulliel died

Death of Gaspard Ulliel: A huge loss for the French Movie industry

After the shocking news came from his family member soon the French finance minister Bruno Le Marie Twitted “French cinema is losing a huge talent, full of charm and energy”

Critic Caspar Salmon also gave tribute to this handsome and finest French actor describing that “Ulliel as an actor of considerable magnetism, beauty, and talent, who already had achieved out a remarkable and varied career”.

Ulliel was not only the finest actor but having an amazing personality. Before came into the movie industry he also appeared as a model for several brands. He was directed by Martin Scorsese for a 2010 TV advertisement.

Gaspard Ulliel died
Gaspard Ulliel died

More About Gaspard Ulliel

This finest French actor was born outside Paris in 1984. He started and appeared on screen from the very young age of 11 but get into the limelight as an international celebrity for his superb performance as a young Hannibal in 2007’s Hannibal Rising.

In 2017 he won the best actor Cesar which is an equally important award like an Oscar in French for his exceptional acting skills contradictory Marion Cotillard and Lea Seydoux in It’s Only the End of the World.

In World War One drama 2005 he won the most promising actor award for his superb performance.

Saint Laurent, one of two 2014 biopics about French designer Yves Saint Laurent, was one of the films in rivalry for the highest prize at that year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Gaspard Ulliel died
Gaspard Ulliel died

Ulliel was commended for his acting but lost out at the succeeding Cesars to Pierre Niney star of the rival film, titled Yves Saint Laurent.

“Broken heart,” tweeted Niney on hearing the news of his associated actor’s death. “Gaspard was benevolence and kindness. Beauty and talent.”

In 2014 Ulliel distinguished between these two films and gave stament that

“I hang on till we did our shooting to discover the other film,” he said. “I reminisce arriving at the theatre very worried, and very speedily felt reassured when I understood swiftly how dissimilar they were. They are like two different visions, two films that do not ever actually meet.

“So, in a mean, it’s genuine for both films to happen. Maybe it’s the best way to rejoice in the assortment of such an iconic man as Saint Laurent.

“I think Pierre Niney did an amazing job and I was thankful that he was proposing something quite dissimilar from what I decided to do.”

He further said, “decided very first in the preparation procedure to take some distance with the authenticity” and to “sustain this character” with elements of his own life and character.

Ulliel was bitten by a dog as a child, and he later said he sensed the scar assisted him in his life and career as it was observed like a dimple.

He was living with his young son and his girlfriend, the model, and singer Gaëlle Piétri.


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