Missing Of 3-year-old Girl: Lina Khil

Seven days following a 3-year-old young girl who disappeared from a Texas amusement park, individuals in her San Antonio people group are offering a $150,000 monetary compensation for data prompting her whereabouts.

The association is looking through just outside SAPD’s pursuit area, minutes from where Lina vanished.

Searching For Lina Khil

San Antonio police say they have gotten no new leads that would assist them with observing Lina Sardar Khil, who’s been missing over seven days; however, they are as yet looking and keep on getting tips.

Lina In Amusement Park

On Dec. 20, Lina was most recently seen at an amusement park inside a high rise at a jungle gym in the 9400 square of Fredericksburg Road somewhere between 6 p.m. She was with different children when her mom left and returned a “generally brief time frame later” to observe her little girl missing, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said during a question and answer session on Dec. 21.

Missing Of 3-year-old Girl: Lina Khil
Missing Of 3-year-old Girl: Lina Khil

“We have each accessible resource in the police officer with the case at this moment,” McManus said.

On Wednesday, the Search and Rescue SATX association set it all up at the Medical Center Field, around three minutes not too far off from the Villas Del Cabo Apartments on Fredericksburg Road.

“We are growing the hunt,” said Nina Glass, the association’s chief. “What SAPD is doing – – we are going outside of their pursuit region and aiding them.”

Missing Of Young Girl

Lina’s family revealed her missing at 7:15 p.m. CST and officials have been going “house to house” at each loft in the complex to track down any leads. They said they have likewise really taken a look at video observation and vehicles at the complex.

FBI specialists joined the pursuit and were burrowing through dumpsters at the intricate Monday morning, KENS 5 detailed.

According To Lina’s Father

Lina’s dad, Riaz Sardar Khil, said the family at first guessed Lina might have left the amusement park with another Afghan family yet presently accepts she might have been kidnapped.

McManus affirmed police are as yet regarding this as a missing people case and not a kidnapping “except if proof leads us in any case.” He added examiners are “seeing certain individuals” yet didn’t give a point of interest.

“It’s unsettling that we haven’t tracked down whatever that drives us nearer to Lina McManus said. “There’s nothing we haven’t done to attempt to track down her.

Lina Portraits

In the underlying Amber Alert, authorities portrayed Lina as:

  • 55 pounds
  • 4 feet tall
  • Earthy colored eyes
  • Straight mid-length earthy colored hair
  • Wearing a Red dress,
  • Wearing a Dark Coat, and dark shoes
  • The payment for data that prompts the capture of a suspect engaged with the vanishing of 3-year-old Lina Khil keeps on multiplying.

Reward To Find Lina

On Thursday, offense Stoppers of San Antonio offered an ensured $50,000 compensation for data that prompted capture.

This prize joined with a $100,000 monetary compensation from the Islamic Center of San Antonio, aggregates $150,000, assuming the tip helps lead specialists to the little youngster and a capture.

Investigating the Case

San Antonio police are requesting explicit individuals to connect with its Missing Person Unit to help in the investigation for Lina.

Any individual who talked with Lina or her family on Monday is asked to contact the police at the earliest opportunity.

“No detail is excessively little as we keep on looking for Lina,” SAPD said in a delivery.

Family From Afghanistan

Group Of Margaret Constantino with the Center for Refugee Services let KSAT know that the kid’s family is among the Afghanistan exiles in San Antonio.

For resettling, 1,300 individuals from Afghanistan has gotten here from the Center for Refugee Services.

While she was a little aware of her family, including when they came to the United States, Constantino says any lost kid is everybody’s lost, youngster.

Young Girls Abduction

Police San Antonio have asked the FBI to use a quick-action child kidnapping team to assist in the search for investigators, but McManus reveals that investigators have no reason to believe that Lina was kidnapped. McManus said Wednesday “If it was kidnapping, we may be looking for someone or have evidence of abducting a child,” . “At this point, none of them are there. It may change, but it’s still missing.” He said another reason they treat it as a missing person case is because there are currently no suspects. SAPD used hunting dogs still in the San Antonio area to search. However, the FBI’s Rapid Response Team has resources that the department does not have.

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