iOS 16 release date 2022 rumors, supported iPhones and things

After sighting the releases of iOS 15 and the succeeding iPhone 13 series, we are in the midst of .1 updates that are gradually decontaminating features we have been farsighted since June, as well as the new iOS 15.2 and the approaching iOS 15.3.

Though that doesn’t halt us from discerning what could be in the upcoming version of iOS, though, which we assume will be called iOS 16.

Every iOS release has carried a key feature to the table, whether that’s widgets or dark mode. But iOS could still advantage from some novel modifications to improve manage how you use your iPhone every day.

We have explored through our iPhones to roundup five features we would like to see arrive in iOS 16 next year, no matter how main or slight these may be. But first, we will run you complete when we assume it to launch and which iPhones will be supported.

iOS 16

iOS 16 release date 2022 rumors

Apple has followed an outmoded timetable of declaring the modern iOS update in June at WWDC, followed by a release around September.

With iOS 15.2 about to be accessible, Apple has been concentrating on launching out noteworthy features across more .1 updates. In preceding years, we have seen the trackpad appear on iOS 13.4, together with ProRes in iOS 15.1 in October of this year.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to expect an iOS 15.7 by the time we see iOS 16 with more momentous features for both your iPhone and iPad.

iOS 16 supported iPhones

Apple efforts a lot to support an assortment of iPhone models in every novel iOS release. iOS 15 supports iPhone 6S at least, which was released in 2015.

An initial leak proposes, predictably that the iPhone 6S along with the iPhone 6S Plus and original iPhone SE won’t get iOS 16, but that the whole thing from the iPhone 7 forwards will.

It definitely wouldn’t be a stretch to expect iOS 16 support for the iPhone 7 series at least, but with some features possibly detained back, mostly due to the hardware restrictions of the camera, or the chip inside certain iPhone models.

Every iOS release comes with a major feature, but also a bunch of minor improvements across the board. If you still have an iPhone 8 for example, you may gain the benefits of some of the minor features in iOS 16 when it releases out 2022. But you will most expected miss out on the immense feature that Apple will showcase.

Five things we want to see in iOS 16?

Undoubtedly, we don’t know much regarding the newly hyped iOS 16 yet but we have a good awareness of what we want from it, with the following features topping our list.

  • Redesigned Camera app

The iPhone camera has seen massive perfections in current years, with additional lenses being included and features such as Night Mode and Cinematic Mode being introduced.

Though, this has intended that the camera application has begun to feel bloated. Accessing enforced flash or exposure settings needs a few more swipes than we would like, together with concealed gestures that don’t feel required.

With the awaiting release of iOS 15.2, we are also about to perceive a novel macro button appears, which will assist you to more precisely set up those close-up shots when required. However, this is just for the iPhone 13 series!

Starting a new camera application could assist new users to take photos in an entirely innovative way, together with giving existing users a fresh way of taking photos and videos.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to accept that Apple has more great plans for the cameras in future iPhone models, which will also mean new features that we will be switching on and off when needed. Let’s see an application that’s restructured for what came before, and arranges the groundwork for what’s coming next.

iOS 16

  • QuickNote to iPhone

This is a feature that appears in iPadOS 15 and macOS 12 Monterey, where you can drag your finger from the bottom-right corner, and you can rapidly type in some notes, no matter where you are on your device.

There are numerous signs you can do on an iPhone, so there’s no maltreatment in accumulating one more. Dragging from the bottom right corner would display a note that you could rapidly type in, and save for a future date.

With your thumb being your key point of interaction with your smartphone, it’s an easy win that can actually aid with rapidly scrawling something down. It will also save the straining of your thumb in its place of reaching for the Control Center on the top right and selecting the Notes icon.

  • Home Automation widgets

Since widgets were given a remodeling in iOS 14, together with the capability to place them anywhere on the home screen, some other apps have not been approaching with their own widgets to assist decrease some steps. One unconcealed instance is the Home app.

You may have an assortment of smart lights in your home where you use the app to help manage these. But if you want to swiftly switch on a light, you may experience an interruption if you ask Siri, or if the app isn’t responding, which has happened often in our experience.

Having a widget on your home screen for your smart lights could certainly help lessen the steps in rapidly switching the bedroom lamp on, as a substitute for having to find the Home app.

It’s slightly weird that the widget hasn’t seemed as yet, but we’re hoping it arrives, not only to iOS 16 but future versions of macOS and iPadOS as well.

iOS 16

  • Air apps

If you own one of the AirPods peripherals or an AirTag, you may find it very unwieldy to try and accomplish each of these. AirPods settings are only reachable through Bluetooth from within the Settings app, while AirTags settings are accessible through the Find My app.

Being able to achieve these through a centralized ‘AirThings’ app could relieve a lot of misperceptions as to what you own from Apple.

Third-party merchants such as Sony bring out certain apps that can assist you to manage headphones and more to better manage the features that these bring. Being able to do the same, without having to go to Bluetooth within the Settings app, could carry a lot of straightforwardness to handling your devices.

iOS 16

  • Better theme options

Back in 2019, we saw a blitz of themes thanks to a few novel features that the Shortcuts app provided in iOS 13.

With Shortcuts, you can use the application to generate launch commands for other applications and place an icon of your choice on the home screen for it. This has led to numerous themes being made accessible for iPhone users.

A novel category in the App Store could permit themes to be downloaded and then carefully chosen within the Settings app. You could also pick dissimilar colors and sounds for notifications and set them as a distinct theme, which could also be empowered with Automations in the Shortcuts application.

iOS 16

Third-party developers could possibly make their own sounds and themes accessible as well. While there would be limitations on shifting other application icons, it could further expand the uniqueness that users want from their devices.

So, what’s your opinion on this upcoming iOS 16 update? What you will like you to see? Let us know in the comment section and keep visiting our site for such exciting news.

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