India witnessed 2,135 numbers of Omicron Cases

Covid is spreading like never before in India! While India reported 58,097 fresh COVID cases on Wednesday which is almost 55% higher than the previous days. When it comes to new Omicron cases then it now recorded 2,135 in India which is a big worry for everyone.

To deal with such a highly spreading new Omicron virus, the government is speeding up vaccination drives all over the country. Now the age group of 15-18 are also included in this vaccination program.

According to the data, the number of deaths due to COVID-19 reaches 4,82,551 with 534 more death tolls.


A total of 2,135 cases of Omicron variant of coronavirus have been detected across 23 states and Union Territories till now, out of which 828 have recovered or migrated, conferring to the Union health ministry’s updated data which was released on Wednesday.

  • To control the spreading rate of New COVID variant Omicron several states have declared restrictions like night curfew and partial lockdown.
  • The World Health Organisation, or WHO, said yesterday that the rising Omicron cases around the world could upsurge the menace of a fresher, more unsafe variant developing.
  • WHO further said though the variant is spreading rapidly and continuously around the world, it appears to be far not as severe as originally feared and has raised up expectations that the pandemic could be overwhelmed and life reappearance to more regularity!

But WHO senior emergencies officer Catherine Smallwood declared a threatening note of carefulness, telling news agencies that the rising infection rates could have the reverse effect.

LIVE Updates on Coronavirus cases in India  

  • Mizoram reports 502 new COVID vase and 1 death in which active cases stands nearly 2,572.
  • Maharashtra reported a record maximum number of 653 cases of Omicron cases.
  • Delhi recorded 464 cases of Omicron cases
  • Kerala till now recorded 185 numbers of Omicron cases
  • Rajasthan recorded 174m Omicron cases
  • In this list, Gujarat also comes which recorded 154 numbers of Omicron cases.
  • Tamandu report says almost 121 cases of Omicron.

Overall, the situation in India is very bad in terms of growing COVID and the new Omicron variant. Though state government and central govt planning properly to handle the whole situation it’s our responsibility to obey the Covid rules so that everyone can stay safe even in this pandemic situation. For such COVID new updates keep visiting our website every day.

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