How to get Chegg Free Trial 2022

Are you someone who looking for a mode to make learning informal? If you are exhausted from purchasing several books deprived of appropriate direction, then Chegg might be a worthy platform for you. It provides an extraordinary teaching platform for you to get advice 24/7. What’s more, do you need it? As a substitute for buying your textbooks, you can get them on a rental! Amazing right? Yeah! You will definitely agree to it.

Whether you need assistance with assignments, career counseling, or support, you get all of these services at Chegg. It is one of the most practicable education platforms accessible for students. Nevertheless, if you are uncertain about using Chegg, you can try a free trial! Is interesting right! Chegg free trial 2022 can assist you to resolve whether you really need this highly-rated platform or not! Now the question is what is Chegg and why it’s so popular let’s know more details about it.

Chegg Free Trial 2022
Chegg Free Trial 2022


What is Chegg?

The name Chegg comes from the ‘Chicken & Egg.’ It is a situation the firm’s founder came up with. Deceptively, corporations required knowledgeable and highly experienced candidates for their places. Though, for experience, the candidate required work. It was tough to find one deprived of the other. Consequently, it was a Chicken & Egg situation.

Chegg was mainly developed as a website platform to aid high school and college students. It permits you to get textbooks on rent, or even buy and sell them. Students can also exchange their materials and join with subject experts. You have admittance to proficient guidance to get assistance with your studies.

Career counseling and other parallel leisure made Chegg and appreciated platform. It has curiously low subscription fees. Nevertheless, it might not be informal for some students to get sufficient cash from their pocket money. Thus, Chegg announced a free trial that the students can use and check if the platform is appropriate for them or not.

Additionally, the platform performances as a guarantee for the parents. They can choose to capitalize on the subscription post-trial if they are gratified with the facilities of Chegg. These potentials of Chegg make it a truthful platform.

What Does the Chegg Trial Offer?

Chegg’s trial usually continues for four weeks. With the Chegg Free trial, you get around 30 minutes of a free tutor program. Moreover, you have seven-day special access to Chegg’s textbooks database. In other words, you can pick any subject to get a live tutor for it and simplify your doubts. More significantly, you gain access to over 2.5 million solutions to any problem in any subject. All of these have step-by-step directions to make education comprehensive.

Apart from the textbook solution feature, you can post questions in a Question & Answer section. Expects will come up with the answers and reply to your question to the best of their proficiencies. Overall, it is a very appropriate platform with a free trial, particularly for studious kids.

How to Get Chegg Free Trial 2022 the complete process  

It’s comparatively easy to avail of the free Chegg trial. Follow these simple steps:

  • Open the website and go to the Study section.
  • Now click on the button Try Chegg Study.
  • Create a Chegg account by entering your Email and a password.
  • After that, you choose the Chegg Study Pack.
  • Chegg will make a confirmation of your credit card details but it won’t charge you anything
  • Once registration is complete, you can start your free trial immediately.

What Happens After the Chegg Trial Completes?

Once the trial is over, Chegg will most expected start charging you automatically for a subscription. Consequently, you have to disable the subscription yourself. To do that, you have to follow the below-given process:

  • Log in to your account
  • Go to member’s profile and settings
  • Go to a membership plan and check subscription
  • Cancel the subscription

On the other hand, if you don’t want to neutralize the subscription, there are two special Chegg premium plans that you can opt for:

Chegg Study: With this package, you get textbook solutions and access to the Q&A section with experts. It is a straightforward package, so you get basic flashcards. You can post novel questions or doubts about any subject or topic.

Chegg Study Pack: In this special package, you get the whole thing Chegg study provides. Additional benefits comprise premium flashcards, practice difficulties, directed videos, writing tools, math solver, and live tutoring.

Both of these packages have a noteworthy variance in the cost of a subscription.

Chegg Free Trial 2022
Chegg Free Trial 2022

Where Can You Use Chegg?

Chegg is accessible as a website that you can activate on any device such as PC, Laptop, or smartphone. The firm has capitalized expansively in providing a feature-rich and easy to an accessible app that you can use with most smart devices.

Whether you have a trial or subscription, you can use Chegg on any of these platforms and gain instant perceptions. It is a knowledgeable platform with a speedy response, negligible delay, and almost no downtime. Nevertheless, the trial subscription doesn’t upsurge the number of users. A single subscription, or trial, offers single access.

Still, you can log in on manifold devices using the typical log-in information, as it needs your Email info. Generally, it is an extremely well-suited platform.


Self-studying can be a boring and worrying endeavor. To become knowledgeable specialized in your field, Chegg could be a priceless asset. Don’t get shipwrecked stressed to resolve a single question. Take expert assistance. What’s extra? You can get an amusing internship and scholarship options on Chegg to fulfill your future education.

Chegg frequently comes up with worthwhile discounts and offers for its previous users or new arrival users. You can check them out and keep yourself posted. It would permit you to come across an amazing deal that could verify to be an appreciated accumulation.

To make the correct choice and to choose whether Chegg is for you or not, you should unquestionably give Chegg’s Free Trial 2022 an attempt. Its captivating features and ease of access are amongst the world-class study platforms obtainable at reasonable prices.



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