Hawkeye Finale Ending Described: The Rolex Watches

All through the solitary period of “Hawkeye,” there was a waiting secret relating to a specific Rolex watch that was recuperated from the destruction of the Avengers compound that was annihilated by Thanos in the peak of “avengers Endgame.” Due to some explanation, the Tracksuit Mafia was entrusted with taking the watch from a similar underground sale where the Clint Barton’s Ronin blade and outfit were available to be purchased. Yet, we didn’t get familiar with the meaning of this watch until the backend of the “Hawkeye” finale that showed up on Disney+ today. Amusingly enough, it’s not actually the watch that is significant — it’s who it has a place with that is the serious deal.


Hawkeye episode 6 starts from where the previous episode’s cliffhanger left us Kingpin and Eleanor (Vincent D’Onofrio, repeating his job from Daredevil on Netflix) having a gathering. Eleanor states that her little girl is getting near to reality by sniffing around. She uncovers that she was the person who “dealt with” Armand and sets up her life partner Jack to accept any penalty for Sloan’s obscure dealings. Notwithstanding Eleanor owing her late spouse’s obligation to Kingpin, she needs out.

Hawkeye Finale Ending Described: The Rolex Watches
Hawkeye Finale Ending Described: The Rolex Watches

Afterward, Maya addresses her ‘Uncle’ Kingpin, telling her she wants to clear her head and that she will not be pursuing her dad’s executioner anymore. When she leaves, Kingpin detonates with rage, conveying that Maya has “turned on us.”

Kingpin’s Powers

Following half a month of watchers going, “Are they truly doing this?”. There’s been a ton of development regarding how he is in no way, shape, or form somebody you should screw with, and the peak of this episode shows the work. The Kingpin attempts to kill Eleanor Bishop and continues to remove the entryway from her vehicle. At the point when he battles Kate, he totally disregards a bolt to the chest, gets up from being run over by a vehicle, and even leaves, having a lot of detonating bolts go off under him.

Is Kingpin dead?

In comic books, the cardinal rule is that assuming you don’t find a body; then, at that point, chances are, that individual isn’t dead. In Hawkeye, Kingpin is shot off-screen. Indeed, we couldn’t say whether that was Maya’s firearm being discharged – or then again if her shot hit the objective.

There’s plausible that somebody – possibly Daredevil, who is presently formally part of the MCU – interceded. Top dog additionally took a crazy measure of harm in the finale and lived to tell the story. One-shot probably won’t be to the point of halting him. However, the greatest pointer that Kingpin doesn’t dead come from the comic storyline “Portions of a Hole,” which shaped a piece of Maya’s funny introduction.

Shield Agent 19

  • The number 19 is underneath the Shield logo emblazoned on the rear of the watch.
  • Laura Barton was already SHIELD Agent 19.
  • Marvel Comics fans realize that “Mockingbird,” codename passed the SHIELD Agent 19, a person who was regularly collaborated with Hawkeye and started a sentiment with the arrow-based weaponry slanted Avenger.
  • It seems like somewhat of a retcon except if Kevin Feige consistently envisioned Laura to be Mockingbird.
  • Mockingbird’s genuine name is Barbara “Bobbi” Morse, so this feels like a change in accordance with grow Linda Cardellini’s job in the MCU.
  • The proprietor of the Rolex watch, first found in Maya’s loft, was one of Hawkeye’s smaller-than-expected secrets.
  • The finale uncovered that it has a place with Clint’s significant other, Laura – and that it has both a SHIELD logo and the number ’19’ on it.
  • You’ll realize that Agent 19 is a SHIELD specialist called Mockingbird if you remember the comic history.
  • In fact, Hawkeye affirms that Linda Cardellini’s person worked close by Clint in the field.

It probably won’t be uplifting news for Agents of SHIELD standard truthers, in any case. There’s additionally a person called Mockingbird there. It could, obviously, simply be the most recent holder of the Mockingbird codename – yet Hawkeye’s Mockingbird is probably going to take the point of reference in the MCU going ahead.

The New Hawkeye

Toward the finish of the episode, Clint and Kate burn the Ronin suit on a barbecue after taking Kate outside. As they observe it consume, Kate begins tossing out some hero names for herself like Hawk Eve, Hawk Shot, and Lady Hawk. Clint laughs by any means of them and interferes with what Kate is saying, “Guess what? I got a Plan,” We quickly end the title card with “Hawkeye,” proposing that Kate is presently assuming control over the character of the new Hawkeye.

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