Google pulls ads for “stalkerware” apps from Play Store

Google has apparently pulled down numerous adverts that sponsored stalkerware applications that could also be secretly spying on victims’ handsets.

Google expelled ads that encouraged applications that are specially designed “with the fast purpose of tracking or monitoring another person or their actions without their permission,” in August 2020, though, TechCrunch found five app creators who were still advertising stalkerware apps.

A Google spokesperson told to TechCrunch that-

“They never allow ads endorsing spyware for partner scrutiny. We instantly detached the ads that dishonoured this policy and will continue to track incipient behaviors to avoid bad actors from trying to avoid our detection systems,”.


Misleading adverts for stalkerware  

The spyware application allegedly got around Google’s sifting contrivance by marketing themselves to parents who wish to observe the phone usage of their kids, under the garb of protecting them from hunters.

However, many of these apps can be installed on the device of any user secretly without asking their permission. No wonder then that they are often distorted to spy on spouses earning them the moniker spouse ware.

According to TechCrunch the ads they assisted removed, in pretty much the same manner as the apps themselves, took benefit of the information that while Google’s policy bans ads from encouraging partner investigation, it does not outspread to ads that promote tracking a child’s action or workplaces observing their employees’ devices.

However, while the ads have been removed, it seems the applications are still prevailing since they apparently weren’t listed on the Play Store in the first place.

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