Google Pixel Fold could fight Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 with cheaper price

Google’s Pixel Fold was rumoured to be coming at the end of 2021. That noticeably didn’t occur, and while we may be looking at the second half of 2022 now, the good news is that it may be additional competitively priced than the finest foldable phone presently controlling the market.

Somebody with “confirmed information about Google’s Pixel plans in the past” has told us that Google’s first effort at a foldable will come under the price $1,799 Samsung charges for its latest Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Even though that may just sound like practical business, it’s worth recalling that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is itself a $200 price cut from the preceding generations. Till date, we haven’t gotten any price rumours for the Galaxy Z Fold 4, which isn’t anticipated up until later this year. Google to push its first-generation foldable for less than the market front-runner is attractive antagonistic, particularly when you consider the sunk R&D costs of carrying a completely novel product to market.

Google Pixel Fold
Google Pixel Fold


Pricing sidewise, Google’s source also provided two other secret news.

Primarily, the branding: Google is deceptively going with the name Pixel Notepad, it’s not a bad bit of branding, in view of the anticipated book-like form factor, newly teased via the Android 12L beta, but for me, the name does suggest some kind of stylus sustenance. If there isn’t and we have heard nothing to propose there is then the name senses a bit confusing. That supposed, ostensibly the name “Logbook” was also in debate and, in the most tactful way conceivable, I am satisfied that one has speciously been abandoned.

Furthermore, the site’s source says that accessibility is deceptively set to mirror the Pixel 4a’s 2020 release, where the device was first made accessible in the US before growing to other countries at a far ahead date. For the Pixel 4a, this was only a month, but the Pixel Notepad or Fold will probably face a more drawn-out process.

Beating that price point of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Though it’s significant to take all three of these suggestions with a pinch of salt, let’s take up the whole thing is precise. Precisely how would Google weaken Samsung at the first attempt?

A couple of preceding rumours could pitch some light on this. The first is the rumoured chipset: like the fresh Pixel 6, it’s supposed that Google’s first foldable will use the company’s home-based Tensor SoC. Given the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro cut the foremost Qualcomm powered devices, that redeemable would also probably apply to any forthcoming hardware distribution of the chipset.

Furthermore, and more insufficiently, a code dive of the Google Camera app proposes that the forthcoming foldable could be approximate of photography demote from the recent Pixel 6 handsets. While Google’s newest handsets have used a 50MP camera, its appearance like the Pixel Notepad will use the identical IXM363 sensor found in the whole thing from 2018’s Pixel 3 to 2020’s Pixel 5.

To be honest, those phones perforated above their weightiness in terms of taking pictures thanks to Google’s inbuild image processing. And if it means a thinner device the Pixel 6’s camera hump being very much a developed taste then it’s perhaps the correct call on a handset that will formerly be the width of two phones when folded.   These two specifications alone may not be sufficient enough to weaken the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, but they would positively make for a decent start.

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